How To Set Up A Wireless Router for High-Speed Internet?

How To Set Up A Wireless Router for High-Speed Internet?


What you want from your router is even coverage. You want to be able to access your Wi-Fi as far from your router as possible. What you need to do is ensure the equipment provided by your network provider is situated in an open area, as centrally placed as possible to ensure you get the best coverage. The usual placement is at a perimeter wall, well, this shouldn’t be a deterrent. You can use longer cables, longer power adaptors and longer Ethernet cables that you can run across the walls to get a more central placement.

Router configuration

You want a stand-alone router that you can configure into multiple sets of wireless access points. This feature is key if you want to get the longest range from your device. All you will need to do is key in your IP address on your browser, this will allow you to access the configuration gateway so you can key in your own passwords or network keys. This process may be a bit tricky, and at some point, you may need to consult your service provider to help you out.

Connect gateway to Router

After successfully configuring your settings, use the Ethernet cable that came with your router to connect the newly configured gateway to your wireless router. You’ll need to wait for a little, just to ensure that the gateway successfully reboots, then all you have to do is plug your router into a power source and switch it on.

Update passwords

This process depends on the kind of wireless router you are using. Some modern devices have apps that make the configuration process quick and painless. For some, you’ll have to do it manually through your browser. This process will help

  • Key in Router IP address>enter
  • Key in admin login passwords(check user-manual for this info)>enter
  • Change the password
  • Ensure you remember the new details. This is the best way to secure your new network.
  • Software updates
  • Ensure you keep a close eye on updates from your router manufacturer. This happens periodically to fix bugs and to ensure your wireless router is at optimal operating capacity. It is also a step that aims to improve security and functionality. There are some devices that do automatic software updates, if you have one of these then you’re in luck. But if you don’t, then you’ll need to grant the necessary permissions for your router to update to the latest version.


Create Wi-Fi Password

Any good manufacturer will create a system that prompts you to establish your own password as soon as you set up connection. This is mainly for heightened security purposes. What this does is to ensure there is no unauthorized access to your network, as well provide you with password protected access that only you control.

The password needs to be complex, but not too complicated that you have trouble remembering it. Ensure if you put numbers they aren’t random, key in a birthday, an anniversary date, or something familiar to you, but unfamiliar to anyone else. It is also advisable to have one unique password if you have several guest networks. This is because having several passwords will make you run the risk of forgetting which one goes where.

  • Login
  • Use the new passwords to log in to your new account.

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