How To Set Up and Install A D-Link Wireless Router?

There are a bunch of ways to set up your D-Link router, the difference in technique mostly depends on your network configuration. It is, however, a quick, easy process once you follow some key steps.

How To Set Up and Install A D-Link Wireless Router?


  • Ethernet cable
  • Adapter(is packaged with the router upon purchase)
  • Router
  • Power outlet


  • Connect the router to the modem
  • Attach the adapter to your router then connect a power source. Locate the WAN port on your router and connect the Ethernet extension. Now all you have to do is wait for the status lights to switch on.

Computer/router connection

Connecting your computer to the router comes in two main levels, wireless and wired connection. The wireless connection, or Wi-Fi, requires you to click on the network name associated with your router, usually, the network provider allows you to pick a name for the service and choose your own password or network key. Once you click on the named icon, you will need to enter a password on your computer for you to connect with your D-Link router.

For the wired connection, you will need to connect the router to your computer via an Ethernet cable. One side to your computer, the other side to one of the Ethernet ports on your router, usually it has several, in case you have several computers you want to use.

Router configuration

This is the most important step because it contains all the processes that will allow proper functioning of your router and more importantly a more uninterrupted access to the internet. You need to be keen on the configuration process because this is where you will key in all the important information, information that requires back-up, so ensure you keep a close eye on the entire process.

  • Click on your web browser>type in IP address (router)
  • Key in Username, password. Here is where it gets a little tricky. Different routers have different procedures. You need to carefully read the instructions on the router package to ensure you go through the steps indicated for the specific router you are using.
  • Enter password and username provided by your network service provider
  • Change the name and network key for your wireless connection so no one can have unauthorized access. Ensure that the password you key in is something you can easily remember, but is something that isn’t easy for someone else to guess.
  • Finally, you will need to click on ‘save’ to ensure all the new settings, passwords and configurations are saved.
  • Then you can reboot your router to ensure everything falls into place.

Once you’ve successfully set up a wireless network, you can now log in, and browse the internet without a care in the world!


Final thoughts

It is crucial to read the instructions when setting up your wireless router. The procedures do tend to differ substantially, so you will need to know what you’re doing. It is a bad idea to go feeling around in the dark. Read the instructions, understand, and then begin.

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