How To Roll Cigarette and Save Bucks? (For Beginners)

Making a cigar on your own gives you a chance to select the suitable paper, the right tobacco and a comfortable length for your cigarette. If it is your first time to make you own cigarette all you need are a rolling paper, tobacco, and rolling tips. Ensure you chose the best quality to allow you have an unbeaten smoking encounter. Choose materials that are free from chemicals. I highly recommend element papers, American spirit natural tobacco and the raw tips. This article will provide you with simple steps that you need to follow to successfully make a cigarette.

How To Roll Cigarette and Save Bucks?

  • Roll the filter

Using a paper that has fewer chemical additives, some chemicals burn with bad flavors, and that burns slowly form a cylinder-like filter.

  • Put together the rolling paper

You will use your hands to prepare the rolling paper for fill up. Use your index and thumb finger to hold the paper in a way it will form a crease. Ensure you firmly hold it so as to avoid spilling of tobacco.

  • Fill the crease

Using the free hand, pinch tobacco and fill the crease. You can fill it to form a thick or thin cigarette according to your preference. The only thing you have to take note of is that the more densely you fill the tobacco the hard it’ll be for you to draw smoke.  Also, remember the thicker the tobacco the harder it will be for you to seal.

  • Insert the filter

After you have completely filled the crease, lay the paper on a flat surface carefully. Create enough space on one end to fit the filter paper. You will do this by clearing some tobacco. Ensure the filter is fully covered by the rolling paper.

  • Push the paper against tobacco

After putting the filter in place and molding tobacco in the right shape, cover it with one side of the rolling paper. You will do this by aligning one edge of the rolling paper using the top of the tobacco.

  • Roll the cigarette

After covering the tobacco in a way you are sure it won’t spill, it is now time to roll. On the edge that you left after using the other one for covering, apply moisture by using either your tongue or a wet paper towel. Once the paper is wet, roll it up to the covered tobacco onto the paper. Seal the moistened tightly.

  • Finish up

After doing the sealing, pinch some tobacco out from the open end so as to help you draw smoke easily. Leave the cigarette for some minutes so that it can dry. You can follow the same procedure and make more.

A self-made cigarette is better compared to the ready-made. You can quickly make a cigarette once you have the urge of smoking or you can do it well before. For beginners, it is advisable you prepare the cigarette before developing the urge for it might take some time to prepare a cigarette. With time, you will get used to and have the ability to prepare a cigarette in a few minutes. Happy smoking!


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