How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

Over the years electric fireplaces have evolved from being used primarily to cook, to modernly being used to create a relaxed ambiance or to heat a room in the winter or cold season.

Due to the advancement of technology most people are spoilt for choice in the varieties, with the availability of fireplaces such as gas, wood-burning and electric.

If you really care about the environment and wish to make a contribution towards helping protect it, then an electric fireplace is a must-have.

How do electric fireplaces work?

  • Electric fireplaces are similar to wood-burning stoves or gas fireplaces, but they do not have an open flame. There are two types of fireplaces; a fan heater and an infrared heater.
  • The fan heater fireplace uses a fan also called a blower motor, to internally heat cool air through a metal coil and spreading the warm air back out to the room through a fan. The fan does not make any noise, which makes its silent and less destructive.
  • An Infrared heater fireplace uses invisible rays of light that travel through straight lines to directly heat objects. It’s safe to use and does not produce any harmful gases.
  • An electric heater does not require the hustle of burning wood, cleaning the fireplace regularly, cleaning the chimney or the arduous task of lighting a fire. The inside of the electric fireplace it’s heated by metal coils that are heated through an electric socket.
  • Because they do not use an open flame, electric fireplaces allow the user to control the flames and heat according to their preferences. This makes it such a cost-effective fireplace and one that is easy to regulate.
  • Some electric heaters come with a remote control that is used to control the heat from the comfort of your seat; as opposed to the wood or gas fireplace that requires you to do so manually.
  • They do not use gas, instead, they use supplemental heating with produces no fumes and in turn makes them easy and safe to use in the house. The safety is increased by the use of fake wood and flames that make it look beautiful and artistic. The heat is not conducted on the fake flames but only through the coils, thus they can be touched and pose no danger in a home of curious children and guests.
  • The heat from an electric fireplace is enough to heat up to 400 square feet. It is available in different sizes, according to the heat required for each room.
  • Electric Fireplaces can work in various forms and designs making them practical. There are options of having them mounted on a wall, placed on top of a stand in the room of your choice or even have them together with a mantle.

It’s safe to say that fireplaces are the best way to go not just for their eco-friendliness, but also able to be customized to fit in with your house’s interior décor.

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