5 Astonishing Health Benefits of Garlic in Winters

Unlike other food supplements, garlic is easy to assimilate into your diet because it actually tastes good. More than that, it has about a dozen benefits for your body, and, based on several research findings, garlic has frequently been used as a direct remedy for certain medical conditions.

5 Astonishing Health Benefits of Garlic in Winter 2018

So what benefits do you get? Let’s dive right in

  • A recent study found that garlic actually fights flu symptoms much quicker than your average over the counter drug. While these symptoms usually torment you for between 5-7 days, a daily garlic supplement actually reduces that time to around 2 days! Now isn’t that something?

Bear in mind that it doesn’t actually cure colds, what it does is fight the symptoms. It’s important to get that clear.

  • Heavy metal toxicity is a fairly recent concern with the boom in industrialization. Many industrial plants are now having to pay out millions in insurance premiums due to employees getting organ damage from heavy metal poisoning. Well, that may be a thing of the past with a daily regimen of garlic supplements.

Studies show that Sulfur compounds in Garlic substantially reduce toxins in the blood, which helps to reduce the risk of organ failure when taken in significant amounts.

  • Garlic actually has similar properties to those of your everyday analgesic. It can be used as a naturally occurring painkiller, anti-inflammatory and it also fights irritation much like some over the counter drugs.

On the same wavelength, it has also been known to counter and prevent some types of GI tract cancers such as colon and stomach cancer. A diet that constantly includes garlic has been known to substantially reduce the risk of cancer.

  • It can also be used to remedy food poisoning! While most garlic benefits are pro-active, this is more reactive. It does not prevent food poisoning, that needs to be pointed out, what it does is to fight off the common bacteria that cause food poisoning, and it does this more effectively compared to many over the counter antibiotics.

You can, however, use it as a preservative as a preventive measure, by spreading it over packaged foods or meat. This helps to fight off bacteria.

  • Lastly, many people have to contend with issues of cholesterol and blood pressure. This is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic. Fortunately, a diet supplemented by garlic actually reduces the effects of LDL cholesterol, it facilitates better blood flow, reduces blood pressure, and helps keep your blood sugar in check

As a blood thinner, it also helps in weight control, and more importantly, it helps reduce the risk of clots which are a major cause of heart attacks!


Final thoughts:

There are about a dozen more benefits of having garlic in your diet, but the ones mentioned above are perhaps the most notable ones of all. Good health and long life should be at the top of everyone’s priority list, and including garlic in your diet plan is definitely a step in the right direction.

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