What is sortedforyou?

Sortedforyou is your site to find the best product reviews that are clean and crisp. We help you make better decisions. We are always unbiased in our approach and focus solely on recommending you only the best. Our team regularly updates the reviews in case a new product or an upgrade has been made.

Why should I trust sortedforyou?

It is important to understand that we spend a considerable amount of time with the products and keep testing them to find their threshold of strength. We won’t recommend you a product, unless we ourselves are convinced. When a reader makes a purchase from our site, we earn some amount as commission but we never compromise our morals over it.

Who writes the product reviews on sortedforyou?

We have a bunch of in-house writers who write the reviews which are constantly refined to make them appear more clean and crisp. We also outsource some of our articles from experts from round the world.

How do you choose the products you review?

We have a dedicated team of analysts that have just one work. They are always on the hunt to find the next trending product that is going to shake the market. The R&D department comes up with tons of products weekly but only few make the cut and reach our office. We then closely test them, assign our team of testers and once the products have been rigorously tested, we label them as best or worst after a brainstorming session.

Does sortedforyou receive any compensation from the manufacturers whose products are reviewed?

We do not accept products for free from any brand. Our main objective is always to provide you with unbiased reviews. We don’t accept any compensation or special consideration from any manufacturers. We earn only after a user has either clicked through any of the vendors and makes a purchase. We just earn some referral amount on any item that you buy which prevents us from being biased to any one product. The main intention is to always help you make a wise decision. 

Doesn’t earning money from your reviews make you biased?

We can make money only if we are able to satisfy the reader. We can build a trust only after we have made a name by people constantly judging us by the quality of the product that we recommend. Since we are not tied to a particular product brand, retailer, or manufacturer, we are able to remain unbiased and write reviews for you.

I don’t agree with your review of a product. What can I do?

One of the motivation for us to always review products is the response we get from our users. We are always open to our readers and there are mixed reactions. We take each response very seriously from things like the font of our review to a product that we missed. We are always ahead in listening to our readers across all our official platforms.

How can I contact sortedforyou?

You can head to the contact us section and shoot your queries, suggestions, comments, feedbacks. We have a contact us page at the top.

Can I copy reviews from Sortedforyou onto my website, blog, or forum?

No, You can’t. Every piece of content unless specifically labeled otherwise is protected by copyright. No one is allowed to copy any content without our permission. If any of your content is of any interest to your website visitors then you are welcome to link to any of our pages.

What is sortedforyou privacy policy?

Users privacy is of utmost concern to us. We take it very seriously. Have a look at our privacy policy page for more details.

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