Catalytic Vs Non Catalytic Wood Stoves – What’s the Difference?

A wood stove is used as a heater during the very cold season; it has been used for as long as man discovered fire. They are now being modernly used due to the fact they are safe, require little firewood and have little to no smoke, thus making them eco-friendly. Due to the need to conserve the environment, wood stoves are well equipped to reduce emissions. They have efficient heat emissions that heat up the walls that in turn transfer heat all around the room and house.  There are two types of wood stoves, that is; catalytic and non-catalytic wood stove.

Both of these stoves are good and highly effective but it’s important for one to know what they are looking for, and which of the two would work for them.

Below is everything you need to know about each stove. Have a look and be informed:

Catalytic wood stove


  • They offer a lot of control and adjustments to the fireplace according to the user’s preferences.
  • They are highly efficient and better at minimizing the output of waste
  • They burn for a longer period than non-catalytic stoves because they’re able to burn on low medium, they also don’t produce creosote
  • Effective use of fuel which makes them cost-effective in the long run
  • they come in different sizes according to the users’ needs and wants


  • Catalytic stoves are often designed for tech gurus and are complicated to use
  • They need to be cleaned frequently and maintained. When the cleaning is not done well, it leads to the constant breakdowns and repair.
  • Due to advanced features such as thermostatic control, catalytic stoves are more expensive than non-catalytic ones.

Non-catalytic wood stove

These types of stoves use a large firebox insulation and preheated combustion to produce heat air. The hot air comes in through small holes above the firebox to ensure complete combustion. It does not use a catalyst to produce heat.


  • A non-catalytic stove is cheaper than a catalytic stove.
  • It is more common and easier to find
  • It is also very easy to use and doesn’t require one to be tech savvy
  • Visually they are more attractive because they produce lively and longer flames
  • Highly effective in big houses or rooms because it operates best in moderately hot temperature
  • It comes in different sizes all depending on the users’ needs and wants


  • It does not burn as clean as a catalytic stove and is said to produce more emissions
  • It needs to be often replaced due to the high heat that will make some parts deteriorate quickly
  • It will burn for a shorter period than a catalytic stove and sometimes it may not even last overnight

Final verdict:

Both catalytic and non-catalytic stoves should be effectively and professionally installed and used. Either of the two is recommendable, it will depend on your budget and your heating needs.

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