Wood Stove – DIY – How To Build Your Own Stove At Home

A wood stove is also referred to as a wood burner or a log burner and uses wood as its fuel to cook and warm our homes

Making your own wood stove can be fun, it is a great way to save money plus if done correctly, these stoves can really be energy efficient.

Benefits of a wood stove:

There are numerous benefits of using a wood stove:

  • It can be used and installed in any room of the house that you prefer. Because it is portable and also homemade, moving it from the kitchen after fixing a meal to the living room to warm the room is easy and convenient.
  • Wood Stove is economical to use. Wood is way cheaper than gas or oil, it saves your household the huge energy bills you’d have to pay at the end of the month.
  • It can also come in handy during power blackouts and outages.
  • Lastly, it can be used to compliment your interior décor and to decorate your house as you please.

Wood Stove DIY tips:

  • Fortunately, you can easily make your own wood stove using ordinary scarps found in your house; gas cylinder, steel plates, paint cans or water tanks
  • It’s important to gather the essential items you will need for the project. This will include equipment like a screwdriver, work gloves, a hammer, pliers, a file, a drill, a penknife, measuring tape, and a grinder.
  • For safety, purposes ensure that, whether you are using a steel barrel or a water tank, that it has a removable top or cover. Also, check on the barrels to ensure that whatever was used in them prior to it being disposed of was not flammable material. Ensure as well that it has a proper air intake and a working exhaust.
  • Avoid using aluminum because it can catch fire when the heat is too much or the temperatures are high.

DIY using a gas cylinder:

  • Ensure that you completely empty your container and that it has no traces of flammable materials. Next, drill two holes, one to put in water and the other to let air out.
  • Now that you are ready to begin, place the gas cylinder on its side and begin cutting a box shape to create a door.
  • Make a door with metal scraps using a hacksaw, shaping it to the appropriate size and then weld the door to the cylinder using pliers and a welding machine; ensure that the door it’s easy to open and close.
  • For a clean finish, paint it with a special stove paint that can also be sprayed. Ensure to protect yourself with a face mask or a respirator when using paint.

DIY using a steel barrel:

Making a wood stove from a steel barrel is very simple, easy and fast.

You will first need to drill a hole to provide an air inlet. This can be done using a drill, ensure that you have on protective gear such as a respirator.

When that is done, create a door that will be easy to open and safe to close, with a lock. Attach this to a chimney and use a box or pipes for support.

DIY using scrap copper:

Because scrap copper is often tiny, the results of this will be a miniature wood stove. It can be used to boil water and cook quick simple foods.

Cut a small diameter on the side of the scrap copper to make a door, and then use the piece that you cut off to make a door. You do this by flattening it and welding it to the side of the diameter door.

Attach a chimney uprightly, you can make it from copper plumbing tubes and fit it on the scrap.

DIY using a tin or paint can:

Cut out the top part of the tin and file the top edges to smoothen the rough edges, this can easily cause accidents.

You can then make a pan support; by using two flat scrap metals (measured to fit)  on top of the tin to create a cross shape. Secure the scrap metals using a hammer and nails to create a permanent pan support.

DIY using a hot water heater:

  • In this project, you will need all the materials mentioned above, together with a helium gas container.
  • Clean up the water tank coverings and also remove any anode that you find inside the water tank.
  • Drill a hole a few meters from the bottom of the tank; now drill small holes with half an inch of intervals on a tube.
  • Place the tube into the hole you had cut open before. This will allow air to get in.
  • Cut out a small opening on the side of the water tank and make a door with the cut-out metal. Ensure the door will be able to open and close securely, with ease.

Safety first:

Wood stoves can be dangerous if not made as per specifications. You want to be sure that the homemade stove is safe and secure to use, and one way of doing this is by sticking to the rules of the book. Watch YouTube Videos and read online tutorials on the best way to make a homemade wooden stove. If you’ll be handling tin and split containers, you’ll need to have a nice pair of gloves to shield your hands from injuries.  Welding goggles and a face mask will also come in handy. Most importantly, avoid using containers or materials that had flammable materials.  If you’re going to use a gas cylinder, ensure that it is completely empty and devoid of any natural gas. Usually, it is advisable to make your stove out in the open rather than in a confined area. When it comes to usage, proper ventilation is needed to ensure that harmful gases from the burning wood don’t cause health problems.

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