How To Blow Leaves With A Backpack Blower?

A backpack blower is typically for small jobs, nothing weighty. It helps get leaves off your porch, or for removing dirt off your drive. This type of blower doesn’t do any heavy lifting, so the first and most important strategy is to ensure you know what it’s for.

How To Blow Leaves With A Backpack Blower?

Also, this blower only does part of the work for you. It piles leaves up in a heap, but it doesn’t get rid of all the leaves, so you will at some point have to do a bit of raking-just to be clear.


  • Have an action plan. Before you begin, figure out where you want the leaves to eventually end up. Don’t just blow indiscriminately. If you don’t have an idea on wind direction, then you may end up blowing leaves against the direction of the wind, which would be a waste of time, and mostly counter-productive.
  • Blow the leaves into a tarp that is strategically positioned at the point where you plan on collecting all the leaves once you’re done blowing. This will make piling them together a lot easier.
  • Work in sections, and most importantly, in one direction. If you blow from everywhere then you are likely to blow leaves into an area that you have already worked through. Sectioning your work gives you a more linear approach, making the process faster and more effective.

  • Use a slow rhythmical back and forth motion, pointing your backpack blower at the ground. The slow movement is meant to ensure that you blow leaves in the direction you want them to go. Blowing out too fast will mean you have to deal with a lot of stray leaves. Slow steady motions, in the direction of the wind, will make your work much, much easier.
  • Safety is key here, bear in mind that you’re not only blowing leaves into the air, but you’re also blowing out everything that comes with it. Debris, tiny sticks, dust, and other harmful objects may be blown into your eyes and nose, affect breathing and damage eyesight.
  • This is why it is advisable to ensure you always have protective gear before you it.. This piece of equipment is also a bit loud, so using it for a long period of time may damage your hearing. Don’t use it for too long, and if you must, ensure you take the necessary safety precautions.
  • Lastly, ensure you have a rake on-hand to clear up the process. The leaf blower does a good job, sure, but you will need something to pick up all the wet leaves that it couldn’t pick up and rake them into the rest of the pile. This will help give a finer more definite finish to the whole process, and to ensure no leaves are left on the sidelines.


A backpack leaf blower is an effective piece of equipment to have over fall, very few tools can do what it does, and as efficiently. It saves time and energy on a huge scale.


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