Best Wine Aerator Reviews – Top 10 Choices in 2020!

Is there pleasure better than serving yourself a glass of wine and chilling on the couch after a long day at work? The wine has been and is one of the world’s many life fun things to do.

Top Pick

Vintorio Wine Aerator

Best Wine Pourer

Drastically improves your wine’s taste and flavor without any drips and stains. Easy to use ergonomic design and ideal for events. Manufactured with FDA approved material and has large aerating chamber.

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And sure enough, you can throw all the mysteries that surround wine, the boring jargon included, out the window and just … enjoy it. But you can enhance the experience further through aeration.

Vinturi V1010

Vinturi V1010

  • Perfect For Quick Aeration
  • Easy To Use and Patented
  • No Drip Stand
Electric Wine Aerator

Electric Wine Aerator

  • Portable and Automatic
  • Battery Operated Design
  • No-Mess Metal Spout
High end
Aervana Original

Aervana Original

  • Faster Oxidation
  • No Lifting, Aiming, or Spilling
  • Fully automatic & High-end

You need a wine aerator to aerate your wine. Although a wine decanter will also work it takes some time. With a wine aerator, there’s no wait for hours. Simply open your bottle of wine, aerate it seconds and enjoy.

Considering the huge number of aerators on the market that sport different design and functionalities, it can a little intimidating to choose. And to save you the trouble, we’ve reviewed the best wine aerators on the market. What’s more, we’ve included a guide for making best choices

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Performance: 4.7/5     Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.6/5

Design Features

Vintorio Wine Aerator sports and elegant design aimed at bettering the taste and flavor of your wine and impressing friends and guests.

Tapered and ribbed, the rubber stopper helps create an airtight seal regardless of the wine bottle size so there are zero leakages. No more soiling your tablecloths with stains.

It also has a notched spout that ensures you pour wine with utmost accuracy without a single drop wasted. The acrylic pour spout is also ergonomically slanted at 150° making it possible to pour wine from any angle.


Crafted with superior quality FDA approved materials, Vintorio Wine Aerator does not allow any molding or residue buildup that may lead to an undesirable flavor or taste.

The aerator is a handheld equipment that’s simple to use and will inject air into your wine via Bernoulli Effect resulting in better flavors, aromas, and texture in just a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve served and drunk your wine, it’s simple to disassemble your aerator for thorough cleaning under warm water and storage.


  • Quality construction
  • Elegant design
  • No molding or residue buildup
  • Dissembles for easy cleaning & storage
  • Seals tightly on any bottle size


  • It’s handheld

Nutrichef Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Pump

Performance: 4.6/5     Design: 4.7/5      Functionality: 4.8/5

Design Features

Constructed using engineered ABS material, Nutrichef Electric Wine Aerator Pump is pretty a pretty solid wine aerating. It’ll surely stand the test of time.

Regardless of the size, this aerator pump attaches and fits on all wine bottles. It makes such an airtight seal that you can store and open a bottle of wine without worry that it’ll flatten or deteriorate in aroma, taste, and color.

The aerator pump boasts an automatic operation. On top of the dispenser is a button infuser. And to activate the pump motor machine, simply press and hold the button. Wine properly infused with air will pour into your glass without having to lift a thing.

What’s more, this wine aerator pump comes with both hard and soft straws of varying lengths. As such, you can use it on small and large red or white wine bottles emptying them completely to the last drop.


Nutrichef Electric Wine Aerator Pump is battery-operated and very practical. With an automatic operation, a simple press of a button is all you need to pour sufficiently aerated wine into your glass.

The wine aerator pump makes sure seal keeping your bottle of red or white wine fresh. It also aerates your wine effectively eliminating the ethanol odor. It’ll break down the tannins and enrich the flavor and aroma of your wine.

Want to carry this baby with you to a party? The wine aerator pump comes with a soft fabric bag that helps protect the metal finish from scratching.


  • Robust construction
  • Seals opened wine securely
  • Automatic operation without lifting the bottle or glass
  • Includes a soft carrying case


  • Batteries not included

Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator, Diffuser, Pour & Decanter

Performance: 4.8/5    Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.8/5

Design Features

In regards to construction, Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator has been designed with superior FDA approved acrylic, which makes it highly durable.

The wine aerator comes in a sleek design that’ll make your guests and friends jealous. It features more than 30 aeration holes, which, as you pour wine into the glass, allow sufficient oxygen into the wine.

It fits tightly to make an airtight seal that prevents any leakages. It’s your best arsenal to serving your wine without staining the tablecloths.

Listen carefully and you’ll hear slight aeration noise as your wine passes through this baby. It’s the sound of your wine opening up. The result?An outstanding tasty glass of wine.


Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator has been rated the best wine aerator by The Wine World for combining the ease of use, durability, and functionality.

Got a cheap bottle of wine in your fridge. Pour it through this and you’ll be surprised how expensive it’ll taste. It’ll enrich the wine to bring extraordinary aromas as wells flavors.


  • Sleek attractive design
  • Superior tasting wine
  • Zero leakages
  • Robust plastic construction


  • Doesn’t disassemble completely

Zazzo Wine Aerator Decanter

Performance: 4.6/5     Design: 4.8/5     Functionality: 4.7/5

Design Feature

Zazzo Wine Aerator Decanter uses a patented multi-stage aeration design that effectively aerates your wine as you pour it.

The design ensures there are no leaks or fitting problems common with the pourer aerators. Aeration holes are expertly positioned so you don’t accidentally cover them with your fingers. What’s more, there are no overflow issues that occur when pouring wine using aerators with small cavities.

Rather than employ a single aeration design like others, this unique multistage design aerates your wine in 3 steps. Wine is first dispersed over a cone after which it drains through the 32 holes. It’s then injected into the tube and exits the bottom before landing on your glass.


The multistage aeration ensures that your wine thoroughly spreads out and mixes with oxygen effectively breaking down the harsh tannins that can give your wine astringent taste. It enhances the taste and aroma so you can enjoy a smoother wine.

Zazzo Wine Aerator Decanter also comes with a handy elegant rubber stand that allows you to set as you enjoy your glass of wine. With no hassle at all, you’re always at the ready to serve another glass.


  • Patented unique multistage design
  • An adorable easy-fit aerator stand
  • Comes with a travel pouch
  • Easy to clean


  • No much use for the white wines

TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer

Performance: 4.6/5     Design: 4.5/5     Functionality:4.6/5

Design Features

TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer has been crafted from sturdy plastic a rubber cap that you can wash and use right away.

It has a small air chamber that ensures a perfect amount of oxygen gets injected and infused into your wine through Bernoulli Effect. And to optimize the air exposure, the aerator has a plate regulator that effectively spreads out the wine.

When pouring your wine, an air hole draws in a sufficient amount of oxygen to aerate the wine. Positioned right below is an air-tube that not only ensures your wine pours smoothly but also improves the Bernoulli Effect.


The aerator’s small air chamber ensures that your wine is sufficiently aerated giving enriching the taste and aroma.

Crafted from tough plastic and complete with a rubber cap, TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer is easy to use and wash. All you need is to detach the spout from the flow regulator and run it under warm water.


  • Quality construction yet ridiculously affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Effectively enhances the taste and aroma of wine
  • Simple to clean


  • A little slow but for a good reason

Rabbit Wine Aerator & Pourer

Performance: 4.4/5     Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.6/5

Design Features

Rabbit Wine Aerator & Pourer has been crafted using robust silicone, plastic and stainless steel making it a highly durable unit through which to aerate and serve your bottle of red wine.

It comes with a slim base that you should insert into any bottle size making an airtight seal so you can aerate and pour your wine with zero leakages or drips. Forget about soiling or staining your tablecloths. Plus, you don’t need any extra carafes or decanters with you.


Rabbit Wine Aerator & Pourer is remarkably simple to use. Simply place the aerator’s neck into the wine bottle and it’ll fit snuggly. As you pour your wine, you’ll notice and even hear the wine swirling through the sides of the aerator as it combines with oxygen before land on your glass. Expect a sweet smell and smooth texture when you finally taste your wine.

Clean-up is easy, too. The clear part detaches from the rest of the aerator if you turn it clockwise so you can hand wash and store without any hassles.


  • Durable construction
  • Detaches for easy cleaning & storage
  • Simple to use
  • Inserts and fits into any bottle size


  • Not dishwasher safe

Soireehome – In-Bottle Wine Aerator

Performance: 4.5/5     Design: 4.6     Functionality: 4.7

Design Features

Crafted using premium quality materials, Soireehome – In-Bottle Wine Aerator home is the bottle you need to make your wine taste smoother.

Its hand-blown borosilicate glass makes it the perfect aerator for wine lovers, experts or no experts, to serve wine in its purest form. To enhance its strength, the dishwasher glass has been made 5 times thicker than the standard wine glasses.

Soireehome – In-Bottle Wine Aerator features a food grade silicone gasket that fits and seals tightly into any size bottle whether it has a cork or screwcap.


Soireehome is simple to use and will cut the hours spent waiting for the wine aerate or decant. Fit it securely into the bottle and invert it as much as you can to ensure your wine gets sufficiently infused with oxygen. Chill and enjoy intensifying aromas and rich flavors of your red or white wine.

Cleaning and storing your aerator should be hassle-free. Soireehome comes accompanied by a drying rack as well as a stand. After serving and enjoying your wine, hand wash it or put in the dishwasher with little effort.


  • Unique in-bottle wine aeration
  • Robust construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple to wash and store


  • It’s handheld

Mixologist World Wine Decanter Aerator Set

Performance: 4.5/5     Design: 4.4/5     Functionality: 4.4/5

Design Features

Carefully crafted using hand-blown lead-free glass, Mixologist World Wine Decanter Aerator sports a tough yet elegant design. The glass isn’t breaking any time soon. Used and stored appropriately, you can expect this decanter aerator to serve you for years.

Sporting a venturi neck design, the neck allows a substantial amount of oxygen into your wine as it swirls down into the vessel. Down below is a large aeration area that continues to expose your wine to more oxygen for optimum decanting and aeration.


To decant and aerate your wine, simply place your bottle of wine over the venturi neck design. And as the wine spins down the neck, it gets infused with oxygen. The large base area also allows more room for oxidation to occur. Expect a smoother red wine with enriched aromas and flavors.

Mixologist World Wine Decanter Aerator comes accompanied by a decanter cleaning brush as well as an aerator drying stand for easy cleaning. With a small amount of detergent and some water, rotate the brush throughout and then rinse before storing.


  • Elegant and strong built
  • Venturing neck design for optimum oxygen exposure
  • Simple to clean & store
  • Lead-free glass


  • More of a decanter than an aerator

CentellinoAreadivino Wine Aerator and Decanter

Performance: 4.5/5     Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.7/5

Design Features

CentellinoAreadivino Wine Aerator and Decanter is one of the most practical wine aerators and decanter combos. It doesn’t matter if you’re a connoisseur or just another Joe; you deserve better tasting wine and this is the tool for that.

The glass has been handcrafted in Italy and features and it’s been specially designed to give it an elegant design.

Just finished serving a sufficiently aerated smoother and sweet-smelling glass of wine? You don’t have to leave the rest exposed lest it flattens or loses the desired flavor and aroma. It comes with a stop that seals the aerator decanter between uses.


CentellinoAreadivino Wine Aerator and Decanter is very functional. It comes with a tapered cork that’ll fit into any bottle size. Once fitted, remove the aerator decanter stopper and tilt so the wine swirl into the vessel as it gets bubbled and infused with oxygen.

To pour into the glass, tilt the open end over your glass. After that, place the stopper to maintain the wine’s freshness. You can even maintain it in that position without removing the aerator.

With CentellinoAreadivino, even the cheap bottle of wine will taste like an expensive. The air will bloom and enrich every drop of your wine effectively enhancing the aroma and flavor.


  • Unique and highly practical design
  • Aerator & decanter combo
  • Simple to use
  • A stopper keeps your wine fresh.


  • No continuous flow of wine

TOSSWARE 28oz Decanter plus Aerator

Performance: 4.5/5       Design: 4.4/5     Functionality: 4.6/5

Design Features

TOSSWARE 28oz Decanter plus Aerator packs elegant looks and has been designed using top quality durable recycled pet polymer that’s BPA Free. Decant and aerate your wine without worrying about the glass shattering.

Featuring a patented built-in aerator, this decanter allows you to decant and aerate your wine at a go. Aerating your wine improves the aroma and awakes the wine’s complex flavors.


The all-in-one design of this decanter-aerator has a patented fan of blades positioned at the cap through which your wine passes before landing into the chamber of the vessel.

As the wine passes through, it gets efficiently oxidized enriching the aromas and the complex flavors. With this, your cheap or young wine will taste smoother like the aged expensive wines.

TOSSWARE 28oz Decanter plus Aerator can be reused a couple of times before tossing. Simply hand wash it (no dishwasher) with warm water for reuse.


  • Aerator-decanter combo
  • Made from sturdy recyclable plastic
  • BPA-Free
  • Simple to use and clean


  • Not dishwasher safe

There are various designs of wine aerators. The simple wine aerators come in patented designs and will just fit on top of your bottle. As you pour the wine, small bubbles that mimic the aging process get introduced into the wine inside the neck of the bottle.

Other sophisticated wine aerators combine both an aerator and decanter such that you turn the entire bottle over the decanter so the wine flows into the vessel and around the sides exposing every drop to the air.

What’s Wine Aeration &What Does It Do?

A wine bottle comes secured in an airtight seal that ensures it remains in the same state the manufacturer wanted. The longer it stays in that state, the more the tannins break giving something with a smoother texture that’s more drinkable. Ever wondered why older wines can get ridiculously expensive? There you have it.

Aerating your wine simply means allowing it to circulate with the air. Two major chemical reactions occur when you aerate the wine – oxidation, and evaporation.

Evaporation happens when the volatile compounds in wine that often make it smell medicinal or even like the rubbing alcohol escape into the atmosphere leaving you with the sweet smelling of wine.

The chemical reaction between the certain molecules in the wine such as catechins, epicatechin&anthocyanins, and the air is oxidation. Oxidation grants some wines a sweet flavor and aroma.

But we warned that too much oxidation may yield undesired results. It might diminish the flavor, aroma and the color a process called flattening.

But young wines are yet to last long enough for the tannins to break. Due to that, the best way to mimic the aging process in these wines is to aerate them. Oxygen breaks down the harsh tannins. The results?A drink smoother and more delicious wine.

Best Wine Aerators – Quick Guide to Choosing a Wine Aerator

You’ll come across so many types, shapes, and sizes of wine aerators such that it’ll be frustrating and confusing to choose the one that’ll deliver the best aeration results. Here’s how to go about picking your wine aerator;

It’s all in the Design

They sport various patented designs and styles. On-bottle aerator attaches to the bottle and is among the simplest to use.

Then there are battery-operated or electric wine aerators designed to work as a pump. Insert the aerator’s tube into the mouth of the bottle, seal it properly, push the button and wait as your wine gets aerated and pumped into your glass.

Regarding hand-held aerators, you need to hold to the aerator directly on top of your wine glass as you pour the wine through the aerator.

Red or White Wine?

For a smoother taste and sweet aroma, most red wines need aeration. Almost any style or design of wine aerator will do. But for the aged wines, we recommend you go for the slow-acting wine aerators.

A big percentage of white wines doesn’t need aeration. Some wines like Alsace and Corton-Charlemagne will have a sweeter taste and aroma if aerated. If you prefer white wine, go for a fast-acting aerator.

Decanter and Aerator Hybrid Systems

Combing both an aerator and a decanter, these systems are pretty good at enhancing the taste of wines, especially the cheap wines.

Glasses to Serve at a Time

An over the bottle aerator or a handheld one will be perfectly okay for you, a loved one or a friend. If you have an event where you expect to down several bottles, then you might want to go for an electric wine aerator.

Other Important Considerations

They come in all manner sizes and weird shapes. So, establish how easy it is clean and store.

In Conclusion

There are few exciting pleasures that beat that of enjoying a cool glass of wine alone. And to enhance the aroma and flavor of wine, wine aerators come to save the day. It’s our hope you’ll found an ideal wine aerator that’ll enhance your feast.

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