10 Best Sticker Making Machines For Elegant Crafts

Everyone loves stickers, but what about the prospect of making your own? It’s easier than you think. Sticker maker machines can instantly create stickers out of most anything you can fit in them, making them great for seemingly endless uses, whether it’s for fun, crafting, or really just whatever else.

Top Pick

Cricut Explore Air 2

Best For Vinyl

Cuts 100 types of different material with ease and offers wireless cutting, scoring, writing through bluetooth technology. Has 370 different font styles and creates custom stickers. Equipped with fine point premium blade and housing.

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Sticker making machines come in many different varieties these days, ranging from elaborate, professional-style machines, to smaller, kid-friendly versions that don’t require any electric power at all.

For Home
Xyron Sticker Maker

Xyron Sticker Maker

  • Edge-to-Edge Adhesive
  • No Electricity Required
  • Easy Drop-In Refills
For Kids
Xyron X150

Xyron X150

  • Perfect For Scrapbooking
  • Perfect For Flat Gemstones
  • Repositionable Adhesive
Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker

  • Rotary Blade For Fabrics
  • Expandable Suite of Tools
  • Fine Point Pen

Below, we’ve highlighted the 10 best sticker making machines, a wide range of types, styles, and uses. There’s something for every need and budget.

Cricut Explore Air 2– Top Pick

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a do-it-all crafting machine in every sense. And while this certainly is a sticker making a machine, the Explore Air 2 is capable of so much more, but naturally excels in making stickers nonetheless.

The Explore Air 2 can do everything from cutting out designs to all the drawing and writing as well. User can choose from a variety of templates on their computer, or use Cricut’s app on their smartphone or tablet. Once the design is chosen, you can send it wirelessly to the Air 2, which will then print and cut the design. Want to make the design yourself? Simply use a stylus pen on a touchscreen, and import the design to the app.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 can print vinyl stickers, and also cut and print on a variety of materials, such as faux leathers, cardstock, poster board, and even iron-on materials. So, if you’re looking for the best sticker maker that can also handle the rest of your craft needs, this is it.

What We Like

  • Can create custom stickers
  • Includes hundreds of templates
  • Integrated design app
  • Works on numerous materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Requires some learning

Xyron XRN150 Sticker Maker– Best For Kids

If you’re looking for a small sticker maker for small sticker-making tasks, the Xyron XRN150 Sticker Maker is the best choice. This small and thin profile device is very portable, and won’t take a lot of space up in your cabinet when not in use.

The XRN150 measures 4 x 4 x 2 inches, and can turn items up to 1.5 inches in size into instant stickers by simply passing it through one end and out the other. This makes it ideal for buttons, labels, tags, die cuts, gemstones, and small decorations. You also get a 20-foot permanent adhesive roll with purchase.

What We Like

  • Under $10
  • Very simple
  • Requires no power
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like

  • Only accommodates materials up to 1.5 inches
  • Made with lightweight plastic materials

Cricut Maker-Best High-End

The Cricut Maker takes everything the Explore Air 2 does and offers even more. Stickers? No problem. Laser-precision cuts of balsa wood? That’s fine too. In the right hands, and with the right knowledge, the Cricut Maker can do everything from cutting stitch patterns for fabrics to making elaborate stickers for everything from gifting, to decor and accents on furniture.

As with the Explore Air 2, the Cricut Maker comes with a large number of preloaded templates you can choose from, or you can design your own on a phone or tablet, before sending it to the machine to either print or cut. Stickers are definitely easy to make, and you can expand the size capacity up to 12 x 24 inches, which is huge.

If you want the best craft machine and sticker maker you can buy, with the most versatility, the Cricut Maker is your best bet. It’ll cost you, but every buyer agrees that it’s more than worth it.

What We Like

  • Capable of nearly infinite craft project possibilities
  • Can cut thick materials
  • Design your own, or use a template

What We Don’t Like

  • The most expensive on the list
  • Has a learning curve

Xyron XRN500EN Create-A-Sticker Machine

The Xyron XRN500EN Create-a-Sticker Machine is one of the simplest sticker machines you can buy, and is an easy way to turn a variety of items into a sticker in literally seconds. This machine requires no heat, no power, no batteries — none of that.

Just feed the item into one end, turn the crank, and it comes out on the other end with adhesive attached. From there, you just pull the backing off, and the item is now a sticker.

While the Xyron XRN500EN Create-a-Sticker Machine may be a little limited in scope, when keeping items under 5 inches, it can work wonders and is a great asset for your crafting, labeling, and gift making needs. And for under $25, it’s a steal. It even comes with a sizable roll of adhesive to get you started.

What We Like

  • Simple, effective
  • Requires no power
  • Very affordable
  • Includes a roll of adhesive

What We Don’t Like

  • 5-inch limit
  • No way to know how much adhesive is left

Xyron 624632 Creative Station

The Xyron 624632 Creative Station is an ideal sticker machine for both the home and office, as it’s compact, lightweight, and easy to use, while still accommodating larger sizes of items, up to 9 inches.

The Xyron 624632 Creative Station is also an effective laminator, offering double-sided laminates, and even magnet backings as well. Regardless of which setting, you simply feed the item into one side, use the crank to drive it through, and then run the slicer across the material to free it, before peeling off the adhesive backing.

Like other crank-powered Xyron products, the Creative Station does not use any power or batteries, relying solely on the hand crank to press the adhesive or laminate to the material. Xyron does include a huge 25-foot roll of 9-inch adhesive to get you started, which is a nice bonus.

What We Like

  • Compact
  • Accommodates 5-inch and 9-inch rolls
  • Requires no power source
  • Includes a 25-foot adhesive roll

What We Don’t Like

  • Has a somewhat flimsy build
  • Pricier than similar products

Brother P-Touch PTD201 Label Maker

This label maker from Brother is basically a deluxe version of that labeler you’ve likely seen around the office from time to time, but with a lot more capability, versatility, and options overall. The Brother P-Touch PTD201 Label Maker can certainly make labels and stickers in a hurry, but you may be surprised as to how many options you have when doing this.

The Brother P-Touch PTD201 Label Maker is powered by either 6 AAA batteries, or you can just plug it in. It includes 14 different fonts, along with 10 styles, 97 frames, and over 600 symbols. You can create your own one-touch buttons for presets as well.

The PTD201 can also accommodate 4 different tape sizes, and even specialty tapes, such as iron-on. Overall, for under $30, you’re getting a lot with this buy, and it’s just as useful for the home and crafting as it is the office.  

What We Like

  • Lots of fonts and styles
  • Easy presets
  • Accommodates different tape sizes and types

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes some time to fully figure out
  • Can only create thin label-sized stickers

DYMO LabelManager 160

The DYMO LabelManager 160 may first appear to be an entry-level label and sticker machine, but it offers much more. You can quickly use the LM160 to churn out labels using a full keyboard, with numerous options for fonts, symbols, colors, and styles.

You can also create several format presets for certain labels and stickers, allowing you to switch back and forth between them without the need to re-do your format each time. The LM160 is very mobile as well, running on 6 AAA batteries when not plugged in. Although not as option-packed as the Brother PTD201, the DYMO LM160 is still a solid purchase for anyone needing a contemporary label and sticker machine with just enough features and fonts for crafting and other home uses.

What We Like

  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Several different fonts, styles, and symbols
  • Includes tape roll

What We Don’t Like

  • One size of tape only
  • Drains batteries quickly

Xyron 624740 Creative Station Lite

The Xyron 624740 Creative Station Lite is essentially a smaller version of the original Creative Station. This means that it still offers the same uses and features as its larger cousin, but instead of a 5-inch to 9-inch adhesive or laminate, it ranges from 3 inches to 5 inches.

This allows the Creative Station Lite to have a significantly lower price, while still doing everything the larger version can. This means the Lite can apply adhesive or laminate to anything that will fit inside and operates with just the cranking of a handle.

So, if the larger Creative Station’s 9-inch max is something you don’t foresee yourself needing, the Creative Station Lite is an ideal alternative.

What We Like

  • Compact
  • Accommodates 3-inch and 5-inch rolls
  • Requires no power source
  • Affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Feels a little flimsy
  • Laminate may require some extra pressure

Xyron 100111 Disposable/Recyclable Sticker Maker

The Xyron 100111 Disposable/Recyclable Sticker Maker is precisely what it says: after you’ve used the roll up, you simply throw it away, preferably into the recycle bin, as the entire unit is recyclable.  

This is easily the most primitive sticker maker on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s mediocre. To use, you insert the item into the opening (up to 3 inches wide,) and then pull from the other side. From there, you just tear the sheet off, peel the backing, and you’re all set.

The Xyron 100111 Disposable/Recyclable Sticker Maker is great for trade shows, classrooms, offices, or really anywhere else you’d like a way to create instant stickers, without having to worry about refills, or bringing it back with you.

What We Like

  • Cheap!
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient

What We Don’t Like

  • 3-inch max width
  • The pulling method can be a little awkward at times

Xyron Magic Sticker Maker

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t love stickers, and the Xyron Magic Sticker Maker is the perfect way to let them make their own out of whatever they can fit into the machines — as long as it’s flat, of course.

The Xyron Magic Sticker Maker is entirely kid-friendly, doesn’t require batteries or electricity, and comes with its own roll of non-toxic, acid-free adhesive so your kids can get started right away. All your kid needs to is insert the item (up to 2.5 inches,) turn the crank, and the item comes out on the other side, ready to go after peeling off the backing.

While the price is a little more than what it should be for a 2.5-inch max sticker maker, the kid-oriented style and design make it worth it.  

What We Like

  • Great for kids
  • Comes with 20 feet of adhesive
  • Does not require batteries or electric power

What We Don’t Like

  • A little pricey
  • Only goes up to 2.5 inches

Aspects to Consider When Shopping for a Sticker Making Machine

  • Sticker Size

Always pay attention to the maximum sticker size of the machine you’re looking at. The maximum size will refer to the max width of the item you can place inside. So, if you have a machine that’s listed as “up to 5 inches,” that means you can insert items up to 5 inches and still have the adhesive cover every part.

  • Power Source

Larger and more feature-heavy sticker machines will always require an electric source to operate, but you can find plenty of simpler, smaller sticker machines that can operate without any power at all, relying on a hand crank instead.

  • Extra Features

Many sticker machines come equipped with extra features that give them more versatility, and also more designs and capabilities. This is especially true with devices like label makers, and the larger, printer-sized sticker machines that have multiple crafting uses.

These features can include accommodating other materials, wireless syncing, easy refill designs, extra fonts, styles, and more. Always consider what your core needs are first, however.

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