10 Best Star Projectors to Lighten Up the Room

What could be better than having stars projected on your ceilings and walls? Whether you have a child who cannot sleep at night without a light, or you’re an adult who would just like some special mood lighting, a star projector is a perfect solution.

Top Pick

BlissLights Sky Lite

Best Overall

This star laser projector comes with integrated 6-hour timer and has 3 foot cord with AC adapter. Built with energy efficient technology and also forms blue nebula cloud.

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Place your chosen projector in the room and watch the stars dance around you in multiple colors. But with so many on the market, which one should you pick? Worry not, because we’ve done all the research for you to find you the best star projector to brighten up your home and add some color.

BlissLights Sky Lite
Top Pick
BlissLights Sky Lite
  • Projects blue nebula cloud along with drifting stars.
  • Suitable for dining, home theater, game rooms.
  • Simple easy to use button controls.
Kids Planetarium Projector
Best For Kids
Kids Planetarium Projector
  • Premium design with 360 degree motorized rotation.
  • Projects well on any surfaces like ceilings, screens, walls.
  • Maximum image clarity and comes with 32 photo slides.
AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light
Best Rotating
AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light
  • Silent 360 degree rotation with 9 color combination.
  • High -resolution star & moon projection with remote control.
  • Operates with both USB powered cord and batteries.
Homestar Classic
Best Planetarium
Homestar Classic
  • It comes with timer function in case if left switched on.
  • 60,000 stars revolving with peripheral motor function.
  • Developed by inventors of planetarium certification.
Universe Night Light
Best Star Projector Lamp
Universe Night Light
  • It has 3 different films to project.
  • 2 mode of power supply- USB and Batteries.
  • It has 6 modes and 3 degree of brightness(5%, 50%, 100%)

AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector with Timer Music Player

This one gives you more than a dynamic light, it also plays music. Especially for parents that like to have a little music as a buffer to keep their little one asleep, this feature is a lifesaver.

And it actually comes with a memory card, so you can choose the music that suits your needs. For adults that want to use it to add a little extra to their social events, that music can be switched. Since it has a really far projection reach (32 feet!) it can even be used for outdoor parties. It lets you choose between 9 different colors or choose to rotate colors. Not only that, you can use the remote to control it without having to get up.

Because it combines the music of your choice with rotating lights, it’s a great fixture for rough sleepers. Whether they be adult or child. It’s hard to find a drawback for using this star projector. The only thing you may not love as much as the other features is having to load music onto the memory card. However, it can be used without music if you prefer. Plus being able to customize the music outweighs the work of putting music on.

SCOPOW Constellation Night Light Star Sky with LED Timer Auto-Shut Off

The SCOPOW constellation night light is a winner with all ages. If you a star projector that brings a bit of the night sky inside, you’ve found it. You can put the cover on if you choose to use it as a small lamp too. When you use it as a projector, you’ll get the benefit of being able to identify different constellations.

And for parents with curious kids, that’s a big bonus. Nighttime can now bring them comforting lighting, and lots of opportunity for learning. Without being too overwhelming, of course. And it comes with a sleep timer so you can keep them, or yourself, asleep longer. All the controls offer customization that will please adults and fascinate children. Not only can you control color, but can also control rotation too. The artsy feeling feature that takes it a notch above is definitely the color overlay.

The color overlay adds a dimension that not many night lights can offer. And the ability to control rotation makes peace between kids that want movement and parents that get dizzy with too much.

This one gives you a lot of features that meet the needs of all ages in the middle. The controls give you the ability to tailor your ambient light exactly to your taste.

This one stands out for its dynamic functions and design. For adults, children, and events, it’s a great staple to have

Lizber Starry Night Light Rotating Moon Stars Projector

Kids love this star projector. It’s colorful and keeps their attention with kid-friendly rotation. This one stands out with parents because it has a functional and practical dual use: it can be converted into a table or desk lamp.

Even if kids grow out of night light use, it keeps utility. And it’s easy for kids to use by themselves. The three button modes allow them to change between 9 colored lights, warm white light, and they can even control rotation. Because three buttons control all the different modes, even younger kids can learn to use it. And especially useful for younger one’s rooms, it makes virtually zero noise while in use.

Parents know how frustrating it can be when kids constantly outgrow things. Since this one can be converted easily into a desk lamp, it scores extra points with parents. It’s designed as a super kid-friendly light, durable and easy to use. The only feature parents (likely not kids) will wish was included is a sleep timer.

It’s a solid buy that you can bet your kids won’t grow out of. Plus, it’s designed so even young ones can learn to use it.

Parrot Uncle 270 Degree Rotating Laser Twilight Stars Hologram Projector

The Parrot Uncle hologram projector is an innovative solution to nighttime lighting. Not only does it give you precise laser point star projection, it displays holograms of nebula clouds. This stand out feature is guaranteed to capture the imaginations of aspiring scientists and dreamers alike.

And because it has specialized glass lenses, it can project onto surfaces of any size. So if you’re looking for a display that will captivate, try this projector on for size. It has a 4-hour automatic shut off, so parents looking to place it in a child’s room can rest easy.

And if the hologram display features haven’t blown you away yet, they’re animated too. You can choose stars and nebula clouds on their own or in combination. Add to that the occasional shooting stars it features and you’ve got an impressive projector.

This hologram star projector also comes with keyhole slots on the back for easy wall mounting. Add to that 270 degrees rotation and adjustable display and you’ve got a very dynamic light. The only thing you’ll be able to want for is a longer timer to adjust sleep time.

If you want a beautifully precise and scientific light display, this one is for you. The holographic projector will entertain all ages and settings.

Adoric 361 Night Lamp Star Light Rotating Projector

The Adoric rotating star projector gives kids everything they need to get lulled to sleep. The lights are designed to be stimulating enough to help kids focus, yet soft enough on the eyes to gently help them to sleep. Thanks to this foresight in light design, it won’t keep kids awake if their eyelids are fluttering.

You can choose from 8 different color modes, but it gives you more than that. You can choose from pre-programmed color combinations and sequences. Bonus feature: the color changing gradient feature. It gently shifts from one color to the next to create an intriguing and soothing projection. Depending on your preferences (or for what helps your child sleep best) you can switch rotation on and off or choose a steady, warm white light.

All aspects of this projector seem pretty focused on creating a calming environment for kids, much to the benefit of parents. And the quiet operation is a bonus on top of that.

With dual power source options, it provides everything parents are looking for in a night light with perhaps one exception: a sleep timer.

This one is great for kids that have trouble slowing down to get some rest. If you’ve got a kid that has trouble sleeping, you’ll be glad for this light.

eBought Star Night Light Projector

Does your kid (or yourself) love creating and constructing? Check this one out. It’s a really unique way to get some creative time with your kid and help them take pride in bedtime. Because of its compact size, it’s a project that can be done without a lot of mess. And when you’re done it’s a product that fits any space and occasion. You can choose to power it two ways, either battery or USB.

So if you’re looking for a luminous and mobile indoor decoration, use the battery function to keep it on the move. The USB power connection also means you can power it with your laptop: if you need some ambient light while working late, here’s the solution. If you’re the ‘fix it with bubblegum’ type, don’t be intimidated. It comes with a 24-month warranty so you can construct with confidence.

This is a star projector that actually engages kids in creating their own nighttime solution. It’s got a unique draw in the DIY delivery, which provides a lot of opportunity for bonding time. For younger kids, it may be a trying task without much adult assistance. So it’s definitely recommended to give them a hand.

This is a great projector for families that like hands-on projects. It’s engaging, relaxing and affordable all at once.


Multi Colors Star Projector with Timer and Rotation

This imaginative star projector leaves nothing wanting. It’s a gorgeous and creative way to give any room some ambient lighting. This projector isn’t like the standard one bulb night light. For kids, it gives you an ideal solution for bedtime. Plus, they’ll be excited about using it!

If you’re using this one as a bedtime aid, you’ll love how quietly it runs. And you don’t have to worry about waking up the kids to go turn it off, though it can be left on all night if you choose. The timer allows you to set it to turn off from anywhere between 5 and 995 minutes. The color change options are a big winner with kids. They (or you!) can choose between 4 main colors, warm or cool light, or choose to have the colors rotate. Plus, it’s designed beautifully. So it looks great in operation and off. It’s easy enough for most kids to operate themselves and dynamic enough for adults too.

Because it’s so quiet, and kid-friendly to operate, this is a great addition to any room. It’s got great potential for multiple uses from bedtime to camping to garden parties: so even when kids grow out of bedtime trouble it’ll always be in use.

Sega Homestar Original Black – Home Planetarium 

The Sega Homestar projector has a sleek, futuristic design that instantly upgrades any room. Adults and older kids will love the upgraded, more mature design. And features of course. This is a home planetarium, meaning it projects an accurate reflection of the night sky. For science inclined types, it’s a dream come true.

And it’s not just a static projection. It comes with northern and southern hemisphere discs you can change out. But the feature everybody goes crazy for? The shooting star mode. It lends the perfect amount of whimsy to an otherwise super scientific star projector. And if you’re getting it for someone with trouble sleeping, forget counting sheep. Just try and count all of the 60,000 without drifting off.

While this home planetarium is more of an investment than the other projectors, it definitely pays its dues. It’s got plenty to keep adults and children interested. Not an astronomy expert yet? Not to worry. It comes with guides and educational materials to get you there. This is the product that can make night light use educational and enjoyable.

If you’re looking to invest in a star projector that gives comfort and growth, here it is. From the ultra-modern appearance to the accurate star placement, it’s a light for all ages.

Lisnec Cosmos Star Decorative Projector Lamp

The Lisnec projector lamp gives you all the functionality you need from a star projector. Not only that, it’s engaging even before using it. It’s a DIY assembly that’s perfect for crafty people young and old. There’s nothing quite like knowing you made something with your own hands. This star projector gives that satisfaction every time you turn it on. And you won’t spend hours racking your brain over the assembly.

It comes with the base already assembled and can typically be constructed in an hour or less (a big bonus for kids that like projects but don’t have a huge attention span).  Once assembled, you can choose between 5 far projecting colors. Plus, thanks to the option to use USB cable or batteries, it’s super portable.

The Lisnec star projector is more than a night light. It offers an experience for kids and families to build together. With the pre-constructed base and simpler assembly, it’s user-friendly for all DIY skill levels. The only thing parents may find wanting? The sleep timer. Still, it’s a great piece to make and use together or give as a handmade gift.

This is a great purchase for hands-on fun that results in a totally usable product. It gives you everything kids need in a night light and then some.

Aeeque LED Star Projector

The Aeeque LED  is a neat accent that adds to any room. And it’s not just a star projector either. This light allows you to display hearts on your walls and ceiling too. Older kids, teens, and adults especially will appreciate the simple but variable displays this projector gives you.

Plus, it looks cool even when it’s turned off. With contrasting blues and star forms, it functions as a chic display piece even sitting on a desk in the daylight. But when the lights go out, it offers even more. You can have multiple colors and if you need even more pizzazz in your ambient lighting, check out the auto flashing star mode. Also, If you want to switch up the scene a bit you can adjust it from the base.

This one is a simple yet functional light piece. While it doesn’t include as many features as some night light star projectors, it does include extras that older kids and adults will appreciate. Plus, it has unique lighting and shape options.

This LED  projector looks good at night and even when not in use during the day. It’s a great light accent to add to any desk, dorm room, or party.

What to Consider Before Buying

There are many companies today that are making projectors in all different shapes, styles, and colors. Before you pick up your chosen projector, keep these considerations in mind to get one that works for your home and your wallet.

  • Purpose

What are you using your star projector for? Some models work best for children, while others can be used more easily with adults. Any child models should be childproof so they cannot access the batteries, and should not have any harmful chemicals in them.

Adult models, on the other hand, you want to be more stylish and sleeker. These options usually are the ones with more projection options and a realistic night sky. You can get a hybrid option too, which help soothe adults and children alike to sleep.

  • Lighting and Colors

Check out how many colors your projector includes since many will switch between colors over time. Many star projectors have four colors and three lighting modes: nightlight, color change, and rotation.

If you’re using it as a nightlight for your child, you’ll want to make sure it has the nightlight feature and the option to choose a solid color. For parties though, you may want something with greater variation.

Regardless of which type you pick though, be sure that the projector is easy to use. You don’t want something that you can’t figure out in the end.

  • Timer

These star projectors work to keep you safe by working on a timer. This means that they will turn off after an amount of time, although they usually take hours to do so. Some projectors take as long as 995 minutes to turn off, which means that you can leave it in the room all night, while others are made to work for only around 45 minutes at parties.

  • Educational Aspect

Not all star projectors include actual constellations, but many of them do. If you’re an adult interested in space or have a child who is, you can actually find projectors that include an education guide. These guides will help you identify the constellations for a fun and educational experience.

  • Noise Level

Some projectors are a little louder than others, so check to be sure that the machine itself has a low decibel level. Especially if you’re planning on using the projector to help someone sleep, you won’t want it to be too loud.

  • Batteries

Many projectors can be plugged into the wall, with a great all of them including a place for batteries so that you can take it on the road with you. Check to be sure that yours will work without an outlet. Travel with it or just place it in that part of the room where an outlet isn’t nearby. There are also a few options that use a USB cable.

  • Durability

Especially if you’re traveling with your star projector, make sure that it’s durable enough. You want something that won’t break easily and that still has a good design. For children, you may want something without any BPA, phthalate, latex, or lead too to make sure your little one is completely safe.

  • For Children

Those of you who are looking for a star projector specifically for a child, there are a great many out there which have specific features children will like. Look for a projector that is able to play lullabies or one which comes in a cute design like an owl or a turtle for that extra cute touch.

  • Projection

The whole point of a star projector is to project stars. It defeats the purpose if your projector doesn’t have a big enough projection distance to cover the whole room. Check out how great the projection distance is to help you place your projector, and see what the projection area is. This will let you know how wide the circle goes.

Consider how many stars you want to see too, and if there are any other galaxies you might want to see. A few star projectors include discs to change up the scenery a little bit. A few others also have different lighting patterns for the same purpose.

  • Light Bulbs

You’ll generally have two bulb choices in your star projectors: incandescent bulbs of LEDs. The incandescent option is cheaper, but will not last as long. The room also has to be mostly dark or the projections will not be easy to see.

LEDs are stronger and will last longer, even if they are more expensive. This is the option you want for parties when there’s still a little light in the room so that the stars can be seen without any strain.

  • Price

Of course, you’ll have to consider the price. There are more affordable options out there that will work just as well for your purposes as the more expensive types. Consider how much you’re willing to spend and how long this projector needs to be used for before you grab the most expensive option.

Short FAQs

  • Can I replace the bulbs?

Yes, you can. If you find that the bulbs in your model are broken, it is possible to find replacement bulbs. You’ll have to get online to find dealers with the right brand of bulbs though according to your chosen model. This is why many people prefer the LED options, which don’t necessarily need replacement all that often.

  • How do I set it up?

It’s simple to set up your projector in your home. Usually, you can just plug it in if it uses a cord, or put the batteries in and go from there. Before that though, make sure that you’ve placed your projector in the right area to get the right amount of light.

  • Should I get a lens shift?

A lens shift is something that allows you greater flexibility on where you place your projector. It can shift vertically or horizontally so that you can get the angle just right. For instance, you can place your projector on the nightstand and shift it slightly so that it sits at the right angle for the night. This isn’t necessarily required but may make setting up your projector that much easier.

  • How do I get a good price?

It’s easy to browse around to find a good star projector for your home. You can work by choosing a brand or model that you prefer, or just go by appearance.

From there, check out the price and determine what you’re willing to spend and if your chosen projector has all the features you’re looking for.


There’s a lot that goes into picking out your star projector if you want just the right option for your home. Think about what you plan on using it for, and whether you’ll want it to work at parties or at night to help someone sleep. This will determine what the appearance is like and how long you’ll get it running.

Once you have your features decided on, choose from our list of the best star projectors. All of them will show you some amazing sights when the lights are off, but there might be one that you like just a little better than the others.

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