Which is the Best Router Table? (2020)

Do you have a woodworking project to complete? Perhaps you’ve been thinking of creating cutting boards, compact cabinets, and elegant wooden frames. No matter what you want to build, a router will help you shape wooden workpieces with

Top Pick

Bosch Benchtop RA1181

Best Benchtop

It has bigger aluminium top for precision and durability, it also has a dust collection port and pre-drilled aluminium mounting plate. It comes with aluminium fence, dual outlet switch, and a long power cord.

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DIY woodworkers and hobbyists alike use handheld routers to create detailed cuts, but for a single person, a router table can be life-changing in respect to making and finishing of the product? You can have more precise and stable routing operations if the router is firmly attached to the stationary table. To help you pick the right model, check out our comprehensive guide on the best router tables below.

Cabinet Style
Bosch Cabinet Style RA1171

Bosch Cabinet Style RA1171

  • Designed as Cabinet Style
  • Aluminium Mounting Plate
  • Ideal for Stability & Storage
KREG Precision PRS1045

KREG Precision PRS1045

  • Adjustable Stand up to 39″
  • T-Square Style
  • Aluminum Miter Channel
Skil RAS900

Skil RAS900

  • Has Quick Clamp System
  • Simplify Setup with Bit Gauge
  • 2 Featherboards for Accuracy

Skil RAS900 – Best Router Table

One of the best things about the Skil RAS900 is how it keeps your workshop tidy. For one, it has a dedicated port where you can easily place your wet or dry vacuum. This stops any chips and other debris from getting scattered around during and after operations. Plus, you’ll find containers built for your workshop accessories — you don’t even have to buy additional storage boxes.


  •  Fairly compact and portable design since it can be folded
  •  Built-in containers for storing all your accessories
  •  Changing the router bits is quick
  •  Dismounting the router isn’t difficult


  •  Table legs are not very durable
  •  Electric outlets should have been placed somewhere more convenient


This router table does what it needs to do well. You can switch router bits whenever you want since you don’t have to do any leveling. The clamp system is stellar and the featherboard provides utmost accuracy. With the Skil RAS900, mounting your preferred router is as easy as ever.

Kreg PRS1045

Just like the earlier Kreg model, the PRS1045 a the cool blue design. It has a factory warranty in case you find any defects and need professional assistance. The laminate surface ensures that you can move the workpieces without any friction. Also, the medium density fibreboard (MDF) helps maintain a fairly quiet operation.


  •  Commendable dust collection performance
  •  Relatively thick MDF core to significantly reduce vibrations
  •  Heavy duty aluminum fence
  •  Steel and powder coated stand can be adjusted from 31 to 39 inches


  •  Vacuum part is not tight enough
  •  The fence does not have a section for keeping accessories


Weighing at 70 pounds, the Kreg PRS1045 is a hefty router table that will easily provide stability for your routing activities. It has a simple design that makes it user-friendly. All in all, this is a wondrous model that will fit well in your workshop at home.

Kreg PRS2100

At only 28.4 pounds, the Kreg PRS2100 is one of the lightest router tables you can get your hands on, yet it’s built to compete with heavy duty models. For one, the fences are extremely durable that you won’t have to replace or repair it anytime soon. The stand is also tough thanks to its steel construction.


  •  Barely any noise and vibration output
  •  Sliding faces help stabilize the workpiece around the router bit
  •  Topgrade aluminum fence ensures a long lifespan
  •  Tough steel base handles all the weight with ease


  •  Table legs occupy a lot of space
  •  Plastic locks for keeping the fence in place need improvement


The Kreg PRS2100 is a router table that cannot be ignored. Even its blue design is great since it’s cool to the eyes. If you want a model that effortlessly combines a light, compact build with industrial grade components, here’s your next option.

XtremepowerUS X5051

Dust and small debris accumulate fast when you’re using power tools such as a router. While the XtremepowerUS X5051 has a dust collection port like other models, it also has a grooved surface designed to efficiently remove dust and wood chips.


  •  Extremely durable aluminum surface
  •  Minimalist black-and-white design
  •  Built-in scale for getting the most precise measurements
  •  Compatible with routers having up to a six-inch diameter base plate


  •  Some parts don’t have the right fit
  •  Not ideal for professional and highly industrial tasks


If you want portability, this incredibly lightweight router table is for you. It’s strong enough to keep a router in place while efficiently removing debris at the same time. And with how it helps you align your workpiece faster, the XtremepowerUS X5051 will be your new favorite.

JESSEM MastRLift Excel II

This router table makes it easy to attach the router since it has a builtin lift, which is kept in place by a camlock mechanism. You won’t feel any severe vibrations or see your workpieces shifting thanks to this stability. Plus, there’s a durable aluminum track for placing all the nuts and bolts. A 0.75inch rugged track handles any other accessories you need to use.


  •  Ergonomic side crank
  •  Compatible with the fixed base routers of different manufacturers
  •  Very easy to adjust the fence because of the scales
  •  Durable steel stand with a black powder coating
  •  Collects dust with ease


  •  Does an average job at collecting wood chips
  •  Pictures in the manual aren’t clear


With stability and convenience in mind, the JESSEM MastRLift Excel II manages to keep operations going as smoothly as possible. If you’re keen on starting your woodworking projects, the quick assembly time and user-friendly parts will make you love this router table.

Woodhaven 6000

Finally, the Woodhaven 6000 is a light router table made in the United States and one of our contenders for the best router table. The manufacturer is confident in their product that a lifetime guarantee is provided against any defects. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you see any problems with the quality of the components.


  •  Quick to assemble
  •  Ideal horizontal design for working on mortises and tenons
  •  Relatively lightweight at just 30 pounds
  •  Dust channels located under the table to effectively lead small debris away


  •  No clamps and bolts included
  •  Both text and illustrations in the manual aren’t good


For woodworkers who need to keep their router as stable as possible, the Woodhaven 6000 is a top choice. It’s convenient to handle and easy to adjust. If you want consistently accurate cuts on your wooden workpiece, this is the right model for you.

Rebel W2000

This router table is designed to be as reliable as any model you’d find in an industrial workstation. The Rebel W2000 weighs 35 pounds and uses a split fence for optimum adjustability. This type of fence will help you miter and tenon, among several other details typically done in woodworking.


  •  Extremely sturdy table legs
  •  Easily adjustable split fence to keep cuts as straight as possible
  •  Well-written user manual to help beginners in troubleshooting and assembly
  •  Clear plastic guard stays in place during operation


  •  Mounting the phenolic insert can be difficult
  •  Average performance in collecting dust and wood chips


The Rebel W2000 excels in safety and performance. From the cast iron table to the aluminum insert, it’s easy to notice the time they took to choose the right materials for this router table. If you want to accomplish a highly detailed wooden project, this router table is for you.

Craftsman 37599

The model has a white and red aesthetic that serves a function. The surface itself is white to help you see the workpiece clearly and to get rid of any debris. Alignment is much easier with a clean surface. On the other hand, the red adjustable fence and table legs give a nice contrast.


  •  Laminate surface ensures a smooth routing operation
  •  The adjustable fence can extend to a maximum length of 23.625 inches
  •  Well designed miter gauge for keeping workpieces in place
  •  Dedicated dust extraction port for using a vacuum


  •  Plastic faces are difficult to align perfectly
  •  Molded plastic table legs are not ideal for handling heavy objects


Hobbyists that are tired of shifting tables and uneven cuts will certainly admire this router table. The superb flat surface is ideal for any woodworking project. Plus, you won’t need to pay for someone else to help you assemble the Craftsman 37599 — all you need to know are in the manual.

Bench Dog 40001

The 40001 might be a compact model, but Bench Dog ensures that its surface can be utilized to the max. You can easily flip the fence slots if you want to work on huge pieces of wood. Furthermore, there are Tslots where you can mount a variety of accessories such as stops, featherboards, and switches.


  •  Laminate top is perfectly flat and smooth
  •  Two steel rails help the base in supporting all the weight
  •  Dual fence slots for routing large workpieces
  •  Limited two-year warranty


  •  The instruction manual doesn’t have enough details for assembly
  •  Insert plate isn’t rigid enough and needs to be leveled well


This award-winning table is undoubtedly one of the finest models you will ever find in the market. It’s a flexible, durable, and reliable table built to work with any router. So if you’re on the lookout for a router table that exceeds expectations, get the Bench Dog 40001.


Sporting a dark gray design, the PorterCable 698 weighs 37 pounds, which isn’t heavy at all. You can save money by getting this model since it already comes with a miter gauge. Once attached to the 0.75inch slot, the miter gauge will help keep the workpiece at the specific angle you desire.


  •  Quick assembly
  •  Can be upgraded with table extensions using the casting lip
  •  Already has a drilled hole for mounting the base of the router
  •  Table legs are tall enough to accommodate sizable routers


  •  Retaining screws are not perfectly aligned
  •  Bit rings need a bit of tightening


For woodworking enthusiasts who want a good start on their hobby, they should definitely get the PorterCable 698. This is an amazing router table that packs adjustability, portability, and performance in one tough yet lightweight model.

What is a Router Table?

This table is unlike any ordinary table. In fact, it’s better to view it as a stationary machine. As its name implies, the router table is specifically made for routers that woodworkers and hobbyists use. There’s a dedicated section for the router’s spindle to pop up. Using the table, the spindle can mix at speeds reaching 24,000 rpm without losing stability.

Why Should You Have One?

By now you know what a router table is made for, but what makes it a wise investment? We list down the best benefits of having this rugged machine.


A router table typically includes a vertical fence, which you can use to position the workpiece in the right area. Thus, it becomes much easier to make precise horizontal cuts with your router.

Moreover, the table has the router mounted on it so that you don’t have to use your hands to carry and operate the router. Instead, your hands will be guiding the workpieces along the router on the table.

No longer do you have to worry about feeling strained and accidentally cutting the wrong sections. In contrast, you can create better grooves and edge profiles for your next DIY countertop.


There is great stability when the router is in a fixed area no matter how intense its output is. What’s nice about  these tables is how they can withstand all the vibrations and power. They are designed to have very flat surfaces to eliminate any imperfections caused by even the slightest of slopes.

A router table effectively manages any downward pressure, which occurs when you’re routing a workpiece. Its surface responds with an opposing pressure that keeps it from shifting to one side or the other.


Light woodworking projects don’t require a router table, but it’s much safer to have it. If you’re going to shape many workpieces in a single day, you will inevitably feel tired after carrying the router for so long — and losing full control of the router can have severe consequences. With this, your arms, hands, and shoulders won’t be as strained.

Furthermore, you can safely create tiny and intricate patterns with a router table. The router won’t just slip away from your hands and harm you or cause damage to your workpiece. Also, the rigid construction of the table means it won’t succumb to all the weight and let heavy objects land on your feet.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Router Table

Before making a purchase, there are aspects to pay attention to. These factors will ensure that you’ll pick the right one that caters to your preferences.

Dust Collection Feature

Hollowing workpieces creates a lot of wood chips and dust. These can affect your eyesight and breathing. Not to mention, it will make your workshop dirty with continued use. Look for a router table that comes with a port for dust collection to keep the area clean.

Fence Adjustability

The table fence helps you perfectly align the workpieces for cutting. Get a router table with a fence that can be adjusted with ease. A two-piece fence provides more adjustability than a one piece fence, but you must place them perfectly to avoid uneven cuts.

Base Quality

The table surface must be tough, and the same goes for the base as well. This is the part that has to withstand all the weight and pressure. A well-designed base keeps the surface flat. Some bases have wheels for better mobility while others can be attached to a bench. No matter the type, always look for a durable one.


1. How can I safely use a router table?

Any activity involving power tools requires the use of protective equipment, which includes safety glasses, work boots, and ear protection. Second, do not replace or meddle with the tiny components unless the machine is already turned off. Also, the table fence must be carefully arranged before any routing operations can begin.

2. How can I maintain the quality of the router table surface?

An easy way to clean the surface and keep it in top shape is to use a vacuum cleaner. This quickly gets rid of any dirt and sawdust lying on the surface. Just remember to detach the fence before you activate the vacuum cleaner.

In addition, you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Do this gently and don’t let any water reach the router. Afterward, get a dry cloth to wipe the surface one more time before you bring back the table fence.

3. Does a plunger router work best for a router table?

A router table works with a router whether it’s a plunger type or one with a fixed base. Still, you should consider getting a fixed base router instead if you’re looking for the most convenient way to change router bits and perform other adjustments.

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