Best Portable Basketball Hoops 2019

For most of us, basketball is a pastime- a recreation activity from which we derive happiness. If you plan to bring a basketball gameplay closer home, say on your driveway or a backyard, then you’ll need to invest in a portable basketball hoop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying it for yourself or your kids who envision themselves as the future basketball NBA stars. A portable basketball hoop will provide an avenue for practicing as well as showcasing your skills.

The best thing about a basketball hoop is that you can set it up anywhere and convert any space into a temporary basketball court. There are also adjustable types and come with different backboards in different sizes and materials.

Best Pick: Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop System”

With its four strut base mount, Spalding “The Beast” 74560 is pretty solid. And thanks to the shatterproof glass backboard, this basketball hoop delivers the best bounce. It’s also height adjustable meaning tall and short players are welcome to play.

Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop, 44-Inch Impact Backboard

Performance: 4.4            Design:4.3         Functionality: 4.4 

In any basketball hoop review, Lifetime must feature. They design hoops that underline quality, strength, durability, and affordability.

Design Features

Crafted using powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene, this Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop is extremely robust and will withstand the harshest weather elements in the outdoors.

It comes with a 2.75 inch round pole with a telescoping adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the height from 7.5-10 feet in 6-inch increments.

It also features a 24-gallon base that can role in either direction. Fill it with water or sand to make your goal more stable.

This has a 44”inch impact backboard molded from high-density polyethylene that’ll not break easily however intense the impact. Its 18-inch steel rim complete with 1/2 inch steel braces is pretty solid, too.


This is an excellent unit for basketball enthusiasts. Its robust construction makes it possible to withstand harsh weather elements. And thanks to the height adjustment mechanism, the kids will grow with it.


  • Height adjustment
  • Robust construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to set-up


  • For beginners

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop, 32 Impact Board

Performance: 4.5/5     Design: 4.4/5     Functionality:  4.5/5

If you want a portable basketball hoop that with which to introduce your kids to basketball, then Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop will not disappoint.

Design Features

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop features a three-pole round pole coated with a powder finish to protect it against the weather elements.

The pole is telescopic and allows you to adjust the height of the rim from 5.5 to 7.5 feet meaning it’ll accommodate players of varied heights.

Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop has a rim supported by a solid steel 0.625-inch ring with half inch braces as well as double compression rims. Crafted from high-density polyethylene, the 32-inch backboard is virtually unbreakable.

What’s more, the graphics of the hoop are screen-printed using UV-protected ink to give them a vibrant color that’ll last outdoors. It also comes with a durable nylon net that’s long-lasting.


Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop for kids and teens who are just starting out. It should be simple to put together. To make it more stable, fill the 10 gallons base with water or sand. Made from durable material, expect to use the hoop for long.


  • Durable construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to assemble


  • Small sized backboard

Lifetime 90689 Portable Basketball System, 44-Inch Backboard

Performance: 4.6/5     Design: 4.5/5     Functionality: 4.6/5

If you’re looking to replicate a basketball court right on your backyard or driveway that’ll bring you together as a family, Lifetime 90689 is also a great option.

Design Features

Lifetime 90689 features a pole with a height adjustment mechanism. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, simply adjust the height from 7.5 to 10 feet so that you can include everyone in the fun.

The basketball hoop comes with a three-piece powder coated 2.75-inch round pole made of steel that renders this hoop system pretty sturdy to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

What’s more, it also features a steel rim complete with a solid nylon net designed to withstand the harsh outdoor weather elements.

It also has a shatterproof fusion 44-Inch acrylic backboard that’s not only sturdy but also offers bounces better than the polycarbonate backboards.

And to make the heavy-duty hoop system 27-gallon base stable, fill it with water or sand. The base features two inbuilt wheels that make it easy to move the entire hoop system.


Thanks to the acrylic backboard, you can expect the hoop to deliver good enough bounces for an excellent gameplay. And when filled with water or sand, Lifetime 90689 will stand tall and stable.


  • Great bounce from an acrylic backboard
  • Robust construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Fairly easy to assemble


  • Lacks anti-free mechanism for water in the winter

Lifetime 71524 XL Basketball Hoop System, 54-Inch Shatterproof Backboard


Performance: 4.7/5     Design: 4.5/5     Functionality: 4.6/5

Regarding basketball hoops, Lifetime doesn’t go unmentioned. And you can either choose between their in-ground or portable basketball hoops. With Lifetime 71524 XL, you can now convert your driveway or backyard into a basketball court.

Design Features

Lifetime 71524 XL comes with a 54-Inch shatterproof polycarbonate backboard that delivers good enough bounces, the kind you see in professional games.

It also features a height adjustment mechanism that lets you adjust the height of the system from 7.5-10 feet. Short or tall, Lifetime 71524 XL will accommodate even the adults.

The Orange Slam-It Pro Rim comes complete with an arena-style wraparound brace that supports the solid steel rim. Feel like taking a dunking? Go for it.

Besides, Lifetime 71524 XL comes with a 3.5-inch steel pole with fade-resistant graphics and an all-weather solid nylon pole that’ll ensure the product lasts for years.

It comes with a 35-gallon heavy-duty base that you can either fill with water or sand to ensure the entire system is stable. The base has inbuilt wheels which makes it easy to move the entire hoop system.


Considering the backboard is shatterproof polycarbonate, you can expect great bounces but not the kind you see with the tempered glass backboards.

And filled with water, the base ensures Lifetime 71524 XL basketball hoop system is stable for an awesome gameplay.


  • Solid construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Pretty stable
  • Large enough backboard


  • Assembly relatively involving

Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop System, 60-Inch Backboard

Performance: 4.7/5      Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.8/5

If you want a basketball gameplay experience similar to the ones in NBA courts, then we recommend Spalding “The Beast” 74560.

Design Features

Spalding The “Beast” 74560 Portable Basketball Hoop features a two-piece 5-inch squared angled pole system that’s extremely sturdy. Fitted on the pole is a screw in water level gauge base cap.

What’s more, Spalding “The Beast” comes with a 60” tempered glass backboard. Not only is the backboard shatterproof but it’s also large enough to provide sufficient space for the ball to hit.

And the bounce? When compared to acrylic or polycarbonate, Hoops with glass backboard deliver an unbeatable bounce.

“The Beast” also comes with a screw jack adjustment system that helps you adjust the height of the rim from 7.5 to 10 feet making it possible for players of different heights to enjoy basketball gameplay.

It has a four strut base mount which ensures the system is stable and well-reinforced from the base up. And for additional stability plus your safety, it has a 50-gallon base that you should fill up with water or sand.

The hoop comes with pro image breakaway rim renders incredibly pure bounces over and around the hoop.

Looking to move this hoop to a different spot? It’s super easy. Use the multi-wheel design complete with casters and the engaging handle to move it.


Spalding “The Beast” 74560 is pretty solid thanks to its four strut base mount. And with the shatterproof glass backboard, you can expect exceptional bounces. Players of different heights can use this to play thanks to its height adjustability.


  • Height adjustable
  • Superior tempered glass backboard
  • Multi-wheel design with casters
  • Pretty stable


  • Hard to assemble

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

Performance: 4.5/5    Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.5/5

Design Features

Silverback NXT basketball hoop comes with a 54-inch wrap around edge design backboard which not only gives the hoop a contemporary clean look but also greatly improves the strength.

The hoop features a frame designed with Stabili-Frame technology which ensures unparalleled stability for safe gameplay. Also, the pole sports a slanted design that guarantees even weight distribution throughout the base.

Most portable basketball hoops use a blow molded base as the primary support structure, which is usually the first piece to fail. But Silverback NXT basketball hoop has its pole connecting directly to the steel frame right from below the base, which increases the strength of the structure.

The base design and plus the weighted ballast wheels provide an optimal center of gravity guaranteeing that the hoop stays upright.


Considering that the edges of backboard material fold backward, you can expect a superior rebound. The backboard features a height adjustment mechanism. Adjust the height from 7 to 10 feet to allow players of different heights to play.

The wheelbarrow design base allows you to tilt back the weight onto to its large weighted wheels which relieves that you can support. Just lift it and roll.


  • Robust and stable construction
  • Superior rebound backboard
  • Excellent design for stability
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to move on wheels


  • Lacks antifreeze mechanism for water

Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball System – 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard

Performance: 4.5/5     Design: 4.7/5     Functionality: 4.4/5

Spalding is a renowned manufacturer of everything basketball including balls and hoops. They present you Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball System.

Design Features

The hoop system features a Hybrid Base with a removable can hold 19 gallons of water and 50 pounds of sand or gravel. And for high-level stability, open the lid and combine both sand and water.

With its acrylic 54” backboard, this portable basketball hoop will deliver bounces better than the backboard made from polycarbonate material.

Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball System comes with a solid heavy-duty steel breakaway rim which allows you to throw down your dunks in style.

Even more, this portable basketball hoop is for everyone, tall or short. It allows you to adjust the height from 7.5 – 10 inches.


The idea of combining sand and water is excellent as it ensures the base is super stable. With an acrylic backboard, you can expect relatively exceptional rebounds.


  • Robust construction
  • Hybrid Base for water and sand combined
  • Height adjustable
  • Solid steel breakaway rim


  • Useless instructions

Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Basketball Hoop

Performance: 4.6/5     Design: 4.7/5      Functionality: 4.5/5

In the design of this hoop, Nova Microdermabrasion combines quality materials and superior craftsmanship to produce a quality portable basketball hoop.

Design Features

The hoop features telescoping height adjustment mechanism that lets you adjust the height from 6.3 to 8.3 feet. And because of that, players of all heights and skill levels, kids, teens, and youths can enjoy hours of fun.

It also comes with a 27.9” clear shatterproof polyethylene panel impact backboard that provides an impressive bounce.

Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Basketball Hoop comes with a 17.8-inch steel that has been coated with corrosion resistant spray paint to make it rustproof. Attached to the rim is a weatherproof nylon net that’s equally tough.

The basketball hoop features a 50kg water capacity polyethylene base. For stability, fill it with water and it’ll withstand all the impact from a competitive basketball gameplay.

What’s more, the base comes with built-in wheels. Whether indoors or outdoors, move and position the basketball hoops wherever you like.


Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Basketball Hoop is a solid construction. Thanks to the height adjustment mechanism, kids and teens all ages can use it. Filled with sand or water in the base, it’s pretty stable.


  • Robust construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Pretty stable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Best for juniors

Benlet Portable Basketball Hoop

Performance: 4.8/5     Design: 4.6/5     Functionality: 4.7/5

Although relatively new in the category, Benlet Portable Basketball Hoop has been carefully designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It’s a perfect arsenal for deepening your bond with them as well as cultivating teamwork among them.

Design Features

Benlet Portable Basketball Hoop features a base with a wheel sporting the design of a wheelbarrow. If you use the driveway as your court or even any other temporary basketball court, then you’ll find it simple to move about on the wheels.

The base of the hoop requires filling with 80% water or sand. That’s meant to make it stable so it doesn’t crush on you while playing.

Benlet Portable Basketball Hoop comes with a 31.2”x22.6” durable PVC backboard that, although not comparable to the superior glass backboard, delivers a good bounce.

What’s more, the hoops is height adjustable. It adjusts in height from 215-260cm from the backboard to the ground and 165-210cm from the rim to the ground. Your kids with grow with this hoop.


In regards to the assembly, at least two adults will be required. With only two active wrenches in hand, setting it up to should be simple.

Benlet Portable Basketball Hoop has a 31.2” backboard and although players of all ages can use it, it’s perfect kids who are learning to shoot and for practice.

The unit is pretty simple to move with the wheelbarrow base design and should be impressively stable after filling the base with water or sand.


  • Durable construction
  • Simple to move
  • Easy to assemble
  • Height adjustable


  • Small backboard

Kemanner Portable Pro Basketball Hoop System

Performance: 4.6    Design: 4.5/5    Functionality: 4.7/5

We present you another portable hoop that we believe will not disappoint, Kemanner Portable Pro Basketball Hoop System.

Design Features

Kemanner Portable Pro Basketball Hoop System is a solid product designed to last. Made from steel both the rim and frame are rustproof and robust. The 14.6-inch rim features welded steel net hooks complete with a nylon net that’s weatherproof.

It comes with a 30.8-inch backboard made from PVC polyethylene material which ensures it’s highly durable.

To accommodate users of different heights teens, kids and students included, the Kemanner Portable Pro Basketball Hoop comes with height adjustment mechanism. Easily adjust the PVC backboard from 7 to 8.6 feet and enjoy shooting like there’s no tomorrow.

What’s more, the unit comes with a polyethylene wheeled base that makes it simple to move this hoop system either indoors or outdoors. Fill the base with 80% water or sand.


Kemanner Portable Pro Basketball Hoop is a pretty solid unit for kids and teens who learning and practicing. Filled with sand or water, it’s solid enough. You’ll be happy with the height adjustability.


  • Robust & rustproof construction
  • Easy to move with wheels on the base
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Small backboard

Choosing the Best Basketball Hoop – Buyer’s Guide

The Location

How much space or room do you have for the basketball hoop? You’ll need plenty of space to install your hoop. Any flat surface will do, which is why driveways and yards come in handy.

Got some street or sidewalk in mind? Just you make sure it’s safe. Bear in mind that might be prohibited to set up a basketball hoop on a street or sidewalk.

It’s possible you want the basketball hoop in a gym setting, say a school or church gym. And if that’s the case, then you need sufficient space indoors.

Hoop Type

You’ll come across three major basketball hoops –portable, in-ground and mounted. Each type has its merits and demerits.

Portable Hoops: For the homeowners or renters cannot install in-ground basketball hoops, the portable hoops come in handy. They come as a single unit complete with a base, pole with an adjustable bracket, backboard, and a rim.

Usually, these systems have a lighter construction and aren’t stable on their own as say the in-ground hoops. Because of that, they will require filling the base with sand or water for added stability.

In-Ground Hoops: Cemented into the ground on a backyard court, driveway or pretty much any other outdoor space and are more permanent. These hoops require much time and effort to install. As such, they’re also very stable and durable.

Mountable Hoops: These are mostly found mounted on the wall in gyms, the garage or inside the house and will include even a mounting kit.

The User

In selecting a basketball hoop, you have to consider the person who’ll be using it. Children, teens or adults? We recommend buying a system with height adjustable mechanism so players of different heights can use. And if it’s for the kids, they can grow with it.

Backboard Material

The backboard material carries a significant impact on the gameplay as it influences how the backboard bounces as well as its durability. Three main backboard materials are glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate.

Glass Backboards: Generally accepted as the most superior and are the kind you’ll find on NBA courts. Although they deliver the best bounce, glass backboards are extremely fragile and expensive.

Acrylic Backboards: They look like glass except they’re lighter and cheaper. And because they’re lighter than glass, acrylic backboards offer less bounce.

Polycarbonate Backboards: Similar to their acrylic backboard counterparts, but several times over durable. Their bounce is not much different from the acrylic backboards and such backboards are mostly found in small-sized backboards.

Backboard Size

Kids and teens who are learning to shoot can use the hoops with backboard ranging from 27 inches. Experienced teens and youths can work well with a 48″-50″ backboard. If you’re an aggressive basketball player, get a system with a board measuring 54″-60″ or even the regulation size 72″.

Other Features

Aside from the space of use, the user, hoop type, backboard material & size, you should also check the other features that make up the basketball hoop.

Rim: A standard rim measures 18 inches in diameter. You’ll find breakaway spring-loaded rim in most modern hoops. High-priced hoops have enclosed springs to protect against the elements while the cheaper options may not.

Net: Most hoops use nylon nets. But there also those that allow you to use a chain-link net, which, although durable, will rust if exposed to the elements.

Poles: Small in-ground hoops and portable hoops usually have round poles. And since they’re a collection of several pieces, some cannot withstand dunking. Square poles mostly come with larger in-ground basketball hoops and will. Mostly made from steel, they come as a single unit and will hold up better against vibrations and shaking.

The pole design also matters. A single one-piece pole design is mostly found in the in-ground basketball hoops. Premium and the mid-tier portable basketball hoops usually come with the two-piece pole design. Their cheaper counterparts feature three-piece pole designs.

Base: Portable basketball hoops come with bases. To make them more stable, you must fill the base with water or sand.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, choosing the best portable basketball hoop might feel overwhelming. But with our portable basketball hoop buying guide plus our reviews, it shouldn’t be hard.

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