Make a Homemade Car Air Freshener in Few Minutes

Make a Homemade Car Air Freshener in Few Minutes

  • A dump or smelly car can be quite a turn off; it gets even worse when you give someone a lift and throughout the journey, they can’t wait to alight and escape the nasty smell from your car. It could be that you left some fruits in the boot that got overripe or rotten leaving a nasty stench behind; or a toddler that peed on the seats, drinks and foods spilling on the leather seats, and so on. While a good washing and some air fresheners will do the work, what do you do when the latter isn’t readily available? Well, the good news is that you can make your own homemade car air freshener! Actually, some people just don’t like the strong smell of commercial car air fresheners. As such, homemade ones are a good option. Below is how you can make your homemade car air freshener
  • When making your own homemade car air fresheners, you’ll need items like aroma beads, wax, wooden clips, baking soda, essential oils and essential oil diffusers (portable ones). You also need citrus, lavender, rosemary or mint flavor and the rest; they give the car a fresh, natural smell.
  • In method 1, pour baking soda inside a glass jar. As for the herbs mentioned above (lavender, Rosemary, Mint, etc) they have to be dried up. So you mix the herbs, with the baking soda.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils, stir the mixture with a spoon of a fork until the herbs have been fully soaked into the oils.

  • Get a fabric to cover the jar with, and then tie the top with a ribbon. Some DIY manuals recommend that you can as well use a paper instead of a fabric, just ensure that you’ve pierced a few holes at the top.
  • The 2nd method entails the use of a chipboard or any wooden craft. It could be a small wood carving in the form of a chipboard.
  • Mix essential oils with your flavor of preference, plus a few drops of food coloring to give the oils a color of your choice. But if you wish the board to remain neutral, no need for the coloring Stir the mixture very well with a stick.
  • Dip a brush into the mixture and apply it evenly on the chipboard; it’s better when the board is lying on a flat surface so you can spread the oils on each side. Sprinkle more herbs and flavors on the board even as you brush; this helps the board soak in the flavors and their enduring aromas.
  • Before flipping over, ensure that each side has dried up. Once done, get a ribbon and hang the chipboard in your car. It’ll always smell nice and the good thing is that any passenger won’t know where the nice smell is coming from. Anytime the nice aromas start fading, you simply apply a new coat of flavored essential oils.




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