10 Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours 2021

Anyone who has spent a few hours in a cheap and unsupportive chair knows how quickly it can start to cause body pain. Whether it is too low, too high, or provides poor support, any little problem with the chair can manifest into a big pain in your back, neck, tailbone, shoulders and can even cause headaches.

Homall Gaming Chair
Best For Gaming
Homall Gaming Chair
  • Tilt locking mechanism and adjustable height
  • Ergonomic design for gaming with class 4 pneumatics
  • Comfortable and soft foam along with head rest and lumbar support
Office Chair Ergonomic
Best For Office
Office Chair Ergonomic
  • Ergonomic design with breathable mesh to keep you cool
  • Thickness padded comfortable seat and ergonomic armrest
  • BIFIMA quality certified and 360 degree swivel
Ergonomic Office Chair
Best For Back Pain
Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Lined with Oil and water resistant PU leather
  • Standard gas lift to automatically adjust the height
  • Padded backrest to help relieve back pain and seat cushion for leg pain
Flash Furniture High Back
Best High Back
Flash Furniture High Back
  • Leather seat, mesh back, and adjustable headrest
  • Built-in lumbar support for maximum comfort
  • 360 degree swivel and tilting function
Smugdesk Mid-Back
Best Mesh Chair
Smugdesk Mid-Back
  • Pneumatic control to easily lift and lower the seat
  • Smooth and noise-less casters for best mobility
  • Mesh cloth back to keep you sweat-free

The longer you spend in a bad chair, the worse it will get and it is important to take the time to do your research and find the right chair to fit your needs. Especially if the chair will be used for hours at a time at work or home.

Top Pick

Homall Gaming Chair

Best For Gaming

Made of Soft and supportive molded foam with heavy duty metal base and super comfy arm rest. Also equipped with headrest and lumbar support. Tilt lock mechanism and updated PU wheels. Class 3 gas lift mechanism for height adjustment.

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We have compiled a list of the best computer chairs for long hours to keep you comfortable and pain-free all day long.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh

Available in three styles, the Flash Furniture swivel chair allows you to choose your preferred materials to fit your comfort and style. The mesh back keeps air flowing to regulate your body temperature and you can adjust the height easily and even recline to make you more comfortable.

They also include a waterfall design to promote healthy, regular blood flow in your legs so spending long hours sitting won’t have negative side effects. The arms flip up to function as you need and the 360-degree swivel makes it easy to go from task to task while staying comfortable.

The chair can be too narrow for some so it is advised that you look at the dimensions and make sure you will be comfortable sitting in it. You should also make sure you will not exceed the 250-pound weight capacity.

If you want an office chair that comes in different style options and will help promote both comforts and keep blood flowing through your legs no matter how much time you spend in it, the Flash Furniture chair is a great choice for you.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Offering you a full range of motion and adjustability, the AmazonBasics chair is able to move to fit your needs. The controls are simple and easy to use and you can effortlessly change the height and even choose the upright position or lean back to get more comfortable. The tilt tension allows you to control how easy or hard it is to lean back into the chair and a mesh back keeps air flowing, even in the hottest months.

The assembly is straightforward and easy to do yourself without having to decipher the directions. You also get a better deal because Amazon is cutting out the middleman and providing you the product directly from them.

While you are getting a great deal on a straightforward and comfortable chair, you will be forgoing the more advanced features you will get on other chairs. While you still get a tilt lock, mesh back and adjustable height, you will be forgoing the extra lumbar support and adjustable armrests.

If you want a great chair at a great price and you want to cut out the unknown seller and deal directly with a trusted company, you should go with the AmazonBasics chair.

GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

With a slick appearance that looks like it was taken straight out of a race car, the GTRACING gaming office chair provides a lot more than just a great look. The backrest can go from the standard 90 degrees to a full 170 degrees and the chair gets the full 360-degree swivel we all love.

The armrest and height are adjustable and move them left, right, up and down to give you plenty of options.  The material is durable and you can choose between black, grey, red and blue. The chair also comes with a bonus of two pillows to make it extra comfortable. There is also a 300-pound weight capacity, metal frame, and a one year warranty.

While not everyone will like the aesthetic, if you can get past the sporty look, you will be getting an excellent chair.

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair:

Available in seven different colors and designed to work for gaming, work or just relaxing, the racing style leather gaming chair is a great choice for everyone. Everything is padded and can recline and swivel to provide optimum comfort. The leather material is paired with mesh to keep you from sweating when it’s hot.

With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that the sturdy and well-designed chair will last for years to come without wearing out.

You will need to be prepared for a more strenuous assembly than some other chairs, but if you have the patience to get through it you will end up with a great chair.

If you want a stylish and comfortable chair that the company has pride in, this is definitely the chair for you.

 Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair:

A sleek black design and a 280-pound weight capacity, this chair is designed to look great and feel great. The backrest height is adjustable and the conventional tilt mechanism allows you to tilt to make your seat more comfortable.

The racing style chair combines sporty looks with comfort and the simple black color makes it easy for you to use it in your home, office or man cave.

There has been poor customer service on Furmax’s part and the wheels have had issues, but the company is getting better at responding.

While most racing style chairs are brightly colored and too bold for some people, this chair combines sporty with sleek and makes it easily adaptable in almost every situation.

 Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair:

Breathable mesh material lines the back and generous padding with a six-inch thick mesh cushion seat, the Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair is designed to keep you comfortable all day long. The chair is available in seven different colors and holds up to 331 pounds of total weight to make sure it is sturdy enough to handle lots of use.

Modway has created an adjustable seat that includes the overall chair height, armrests, and tilt that also easily locks in place. The bold colors add a pop of brightness and can easily brighten the aesthetics of a room.

Some people have difficulty after a few months, but it is important to understand\d the limitations of the chair and not push it when a chair specifies what you should not do.

A cute chair with many features makes the Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair a great option for any home or office.

 KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair:

The KADIRYA high back mesh office chair is unique not only to this list but in general because it comes with not only directions but a YouTube video showing you how to assemble it. The company backs their product with a one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Combining the comfort of leather and the temper regulating the ability of mesh, this chair is designed to not only support you but make you comfortable enough to easily spend hours a day in this chair. The lumbar support will prevent pain, while tilt tension and pneumatic controls, it is easy to adjust as you need and gets comfortable.

This chair also utilizes an s-shaped backrest to add extra comfort and a more natural feel. The armrests are not adjustable so that may be a downside for you, but the sleek design, great features, and optimal comfort, all make this chair well worth sacrificing the moving armrests.

 Sleek form Ergonomic Adjustable Office Desk Chair:

Designed to provide great lumbar support and be stylish as well, the Sleakform ergonomic adjustable office desk chair is a great choice for anyone spending long periods of time sitting at a desk. The headrest is adjustable so you can change the height and angle to fit your specific needs.

You can also adjust the lumbar support, armrest, seat height and tilt of the chair to make sure all your needs are met. The chair has a total weight capacity of 330 pounds and is made of high-quality materials that make it sturdy and soft. The company also provides a warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

This chair utilizes roller blade wheels which are either a fantastic feature or an inconvenience depending on your own personal preferences. Also known as the Wall Street chair, this is a great option for people who want greater control over the customization and making sure the chair fulfills all your needs.

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style:

With six color options and a sporty look, the Homall gaming chair is a fantastic option for work as well. The chair reclines from 90 degrees to 180 degrees and also has a rocking ability. The wheels are also tested to work for at least 1000 miles.

The chair has a 300-pound weight capacity and a warranty that guarantees you will be happy with this product. You can choose between a replacement or refund and Homall will have you covered for up to a full year. The lumbar support is adjustable, and the chair provides footrest padding and pillows for extra comfort.

The PU leather is comfortable enough to spend hours in without issue. The armrests sadly aren’t adjustable, but it may not necessarily be a deal breaker. The sporty look may also be a turn off to some so you will have to consider your personal preference.

For a comfy, sporty chair that can work for gaming, work or simple web browsing, the Homall is a great option for anyone who wants a better quality of chair.

Coavas Ergonomic Office Chair

This ergonomic chair has reached the top of our list for many reasons. One of the main reasons is because of how adjustable it is. There are few chairs that can be adjusted in so many ways as the Coavas can. You can adjust the height of the seat, the armrests, the headrest, and the backrest as well as accommodating it to your own medical needs.

It swivels the full 360 degrees and is made of breathable mesh that won’t overheat you or cause sweating during the hotter months. The wheels will work on every surface and easily glide from place to place. It is also very easy to assemble.

While some prefer more padding than the chair has, it can easily be fixed with a pillow or cushion.

Overall the Coavas office chair is a great, affordable option that is adjustable enough to accommodate everyone.

What to Consider Before Buying

An ergonomic chair is seen as the gold standard of a chair because it promotes good posture, keeps blood flowing throughout your body properly, and prevents aches and pains from hours of sitting to study, work or play games with lumbar support. But there are a few things that are required for a chair to truly be considered ergonomic.

  • Seat Height Adjustment

It is a key for an ergonomic chair to have an adjustable height feature so the person using it is able to put their feet flat on the floor. Ideally, your knees also should be below your hips to create the right posture and blood flow throughout the legs.

  • Back Rest Height Adjustment

Because we all come in various shapes and sizes so the ability to adjust the backrest is key to keeping the ideal alignment between your back and the contours of the chair. Being able to raise or lower the backrest can mean the difference between a great fit in the chair and an uncomfortable experience.

  • Seat Pan Size

Your seat needs to hold most of your upper leg but not go all the way to your knees. You want to guarantee that the seat’s width is one inch wider than your hips, but not too much wider so you can’t use the armrests comfortably. You will need to measure your hips and legs to guarantee the pan size will fit if you cannot try the seat out in person before buying.

  • Seat Pan Depth Adjustment

To make sure you keep blood flowing through your legs and prevent clotting or your legs falling asleep, the chair should feature a seat slider. You should have between one and four inches from the front edge of the seat and your knees to make sure everything continues working as they should.

  • Back Angle Adjustment

Throughout the day your back can get stiff from staying at one angle for hours at a time. To keep this from happening it is important to change the back angle of your chair every few hours. You can manually change the angles or opt for a chair that can rock back and forth to keep you back from getting stiff.

  • Back Tilt Tension Adjustment

To keep your back from getting stiff the rocking is a great way to move without having to stop what you are doing and adjusting the chair manually. But it is important to be able to control the amount of pressure needed to do the rocking. Needing to use force to rock can cause more stress and pain in your body and too little tension can cause a whiplash feeling. Finding the sweet spot that is right for you can keep you rocking easily without causing more problems.

  • Arm Support Adjustment

While this is an often overlooked feature, armrests and arm support are an important thing to have. It helps to promote correct posture and can provide extra comfort for you when spending hours at a time having to sit in that one spot. To be ergonomic the armrests need to at least be height adjustable but it is recommended that you look for a chair that is width adjustable and can pivot into different positions.

  • Quality Casters

You need to make sure the casters will be strong enough to handle your weight for a long period of time. Cheap, poor quality casters will crack or break and you will have to either try to replace them or replace the entire chair.

  • Stable Wheel Base

The more casters your chair has, the more stability the chair will have and will stand a better chance against tipping over. The ergonomic chair requires a minimum of five individual spokes per caster to be stable.

  • Swivel Base

At the very minimum you should get a 180-degree turn radius from your chair, but preferably you should opt for the 360-degree swivel.

Other features to look for in a great computer chair are:

  • Headrest Adjustment

While not necessary for a chair to be ergonomic, a headrest is a great bonus feature to have. If you do opt for a chair with a headrest it is important for it to be adjustable so you get the right fit and not be forcing your head into an uncomfortable angle.

  • Mechanisms

There are a variety of mechanism options available for your chair and you will need to do your research and find out which one is best for your needs. Some are more complicated than others but there are pros and cons for all the choices.

  • Seat Material

You should strive for comfortable padded materials that aren’t going to get worn out too quickly. You also need to consider the breathability of the material, especially in the hotter months.

Short FAQs:

Some commonly asked questions when it comes to ergonomic computer chairs are:

  • Why Are Ergonomic Chairs Important?

If you have to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, whether for work, school, or during your downtime, the wrong chair can lead to a lot more than one uncomfortable day. A bad chair, or even a good chair that is simply not right for, can lead to back, neck, hip, leg and shoulder pain, strained muscles, and lack of productivity. Ergonomic chairs not only provide that much-needed support but are adjustable so you can customize it to your individual needs.

  • What Features Do Ergonomic Chairs Have?

As we covered above, there are a certain amount of things required to make a chair qualify as an ergonomic chair. The major points are that there needs to be a correct height and width ratio to the person using it, there need to be adjustable parts, and the must be a sturdy base.

  • Will An Ergonomic Chair Make You Healthier?

Ergonomic chairs are a healthier alternative to poor quality chairs because it reduces pain and promotes blood flow, but nothing beats getting up and moving around.


If you don’t think the chair you use really matters, you couldn’t be more wrong. The right chair can mean the difference between comfort and pain on a day to day basis. Cheap, poor quality chairs may start out feeling alright but then become flat, unsupportive and painful after a few weeks or months. Take the time and find the right chair that will not only fit your individual needs but last.

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