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We started with the only motto of helping our readers never make the wrong choice again. We understand finding the right product for yourself among thousands of choices available online can be a daunting task. Furthermore, every top product has some good points and some bad. Here we come as your lifeguard.

With years of experience in the industry, we get you the best products at the cheapest prices possible. We do this by personally testing them in our labs with help of our experts. Whether it’s a golf club or a pet hair vacuum, we comprehensively cover each and every category you can think of. Every week our review team checks out hundreds of products, and tests their features & promises made by their manufacturers. Only when we think that the specific product is for you, we add it to our top-products list on the blog.

The Step by Step Process – Each of the products we write about on our website goes through a vigorous testing procedure.

  • Market research – Firstly, our team checks out all the possible products available in the segment. Then they are carefully vetted using different parameters and finally, the manufacturers are contacted, if we have further questions about the product.
  • Buying – Then we go ahead and buy the chosen products. We don’t contact the seller for free copies of the product as that might result in a biased opinion.
  • Lab testing – We verify the claims made by the seller by actually testing the products in our labs, and with the help of respective experts.
  • Final step – We go ahead and take the user reviews on each product, and also check out a variety of forums, Amazon pages and videos on the products to align our opinions with other market experts.

All of this is a part of our process to ensure that the users get the best products! You can lay your trust upon us.

Affiliate commissions – Whenever you make a purchase through the links given on our website, we make a small commission on the purchase. This amount is used to keep our labs running, and pay our experts on timely basis & assure a transparent process to vet the products for you.

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